iPads are irreplaceable pieces of tech that make it easier to work, create, and unwind, but an iPad data plan keeps you connected on the go.

Help! I need an iPad data plan when I travel

iPads are irreplaceable pieces of tech that make it easier to work, create, and unwind, but in order to email, send messages, and video-call with your favorite people while you’re traveling, you need an iPad data plan.   Not everyone thinks of their iPads the same way they think of their iPhones, but the reality is that data plans aren’t just for smartphones.    With select models and carriers, iPads can access up to 5G speeds and provide lightning-fast

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Stay connected in Europe with eSIM travel plans

Using a Europe eSIM means you can talk, text, and browse your way across Europe as if you were a local — without any of the steep roaming fees you’d have to pay if you relied on your regular mobile

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The advantages of using eSIM for international travel

Wheels up! For international travel, eSIM technology has the power to keep you connected while saving you money.    After a worldwide slowdown that saw many people staying home more than usual, flights are picking up and it’s been a

eSIM vs. SIM card: Which is better for travelers?

If you’ve heard about eSIM technology but you still aren’t clear on what it is (or if it’s something you should care about), you’re not alone.    Summer’s here, and people are eager to start traveling. But when it comes

Safe travel tips for 2021

As more borders open and restrictions loosen, people are itching to throw some clothes into a suitcase and get back to traveling. But what does safe travel look like in 2021?   If it’s been a while since you hit

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How to use eSIM while travelling

Imagine cruising to a stop at your airport gate in another country, unbuckling your seatbelt, taking your device off airplane mode, and poof! You’re already connected to the local network.   It may sound like a fairy tale for weary

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How to use Twitter for airline complaints

As any frequent traveller knows, when you make a complaint to an airline, it often seems like you’re yelling into a black hole.    If you manage to get through to a customer service agent on the phone, you may