How do I know if my phone has eSIM?

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Okay, so you’ve read up on what an eSIM is, and you think it’s a great idea. You’ve done a bit of Googling to figure out how to use an eSIM during your travels, and how to switch back to your primary SIM with just a few taps on your screen. (It’s super easy — we promise!)


But now … how can you tell if your phone actually supports eSIM technology? Don’t worry — we’ve got you. 


Start by checking to see if your phone is eSIM compatible. Not sure where to look? We’ve put together a huge list of devices that are eSIM compatible


If your device isn’t on this list, or maybe you aren’t quite sure which model of phone you own, you can also check this manually. The process involves doing some digging, as you search through your settings to find an IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity. If your phone has one, you’re in luck — this means it either has an eSIM, or is compatible with the technology. 


Once you figure this out, you can activate your new eSIM with just a few clicks. 


If your smartphone is fairly new, chances are it has an eSIM already built in, or is compatible with phone eSIM technology. But if it isn’t, don’t fret. This technology is becoming more available, all the time, meaning this list will constantly be growing. 


There are still some smartphone companies that haven’t yet adopted phone eSIM technology, but all Apple iPhones from the iPhone XS onward come with it. Other brands that have models featuring a phone eSIM include Samsung, Motorola and Google Pixel. 


Most of these devices that are eSIM compatible let you use both your eSIM and regular SIM card at the same time, but there are still a few that require you to switch manually between them. 


Users can get started with their eSIM super easily, scanning a QR code into the phone’s network settings. 


And it’s not just smartphones that now have a phone eSIM built in! More and more technologies are adopting the technology, to make sure we stay connected, wherever we go. 


There are also wearables (better known as smartwatches) that have eSIM technology, like Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5, as well as Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches. New iPad Pro models also come with an eSIM, with many new laptops now also coming with the technology.


Phone eSIM technology is so good that it’s safe to say it’s the future of smartphones. It’s really only a matter of time before all phones, rather than just some, all have and use this technology. 


So if your phone isn’t currently eSIM compatible, rest easy, because when you go to buy a new one, it likely will be — and now you’ll know just how to use it.


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