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How to set up eSIM on your Bell Canada phone

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Ready to try an eSIM? Bell Canada customers can easily set up eSIM technology on iPhones or Android devices.


Using an eSIM means you can have multiple data plans all on one device, allowing you to send/receive texts and make/accept phone calls from multiple numbers on the same device. It’s convenient when you’re traveling because you’re staying connected just like a local (no more expensive roaming charges) and useful even close to home, if you’d like a business line (or the option to hop between providers in areas with sketchy service).


eSIM technology is fast and easy to set up, so grab your Bell Canada phone and we’ll walk you through it …


Shop for an eSIM plan for your Bell Canada phone.


If you’re a Bell Canada customer, you can ask them what kind of eSIM plans they offer, or log into your MyBell account


But that isn’t your only option. Just because you have a monthly cell plan with a certain provider doesn’t mean you need to stick with them for an eSIM. 


If you’re not happy with the options (or prices) your regular provider is offering, you always have the freedom to shop around. Here at aloSIM, we let you browse all available eSIM plans so you can choose the one that suits you best.


Activate your eSIM plan.


If you activate a second Bell Mobility number on your iPhone, there’s a special QR code they’ll ask you to scan. If your Bell Canada phone is an Android device, your Google Pixel phone needs to be running on Anroid 10 or higher and you’ll be able to download the eSIM within “Settings.”


If you’ve purchased an eSIM plan using aloSIM, we’ll walk you through exactly how to set it up on your Bell Canada phone (whether you have an iPhone or Android).


Enjoy your eSIM plan.


Once your eSIM’s activated on your Bell Canada phone, you can use it any way you’d like — maybe just relying on it for travel, or maybe keeping it on all the time so you can have a business line and a personal line. The possibilities are endless!


Looking for an eSIM for your Bell Canada phone? Check out aloSIM for local and regional eSIM plans. 



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