aloSIM is a travel app made by people
who ❤️ travel

We were tired of roaming charges, hunting for Wi-Fi, and expensive carrier travel plans.

We wanted affordable mobile data, available in countries all over the world.

So we launched aloSIM.

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What is the aloSIM app?

aloSIM is a free travel app available on the App Store and Google Play. With aloSIM, you can purchase prepaid travel data packages, install downloadable SIM cards on any compatible device, and enjoy instant, local data in 175+ countries … all without roaming charges!

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What is eSIM, and how does it work?

An eSIM is a downloadable SIM card. Once you install an eSIM on a compatible phone or tablet, you can connect to new networks. 
An eSIM is perfect for travel because you can keep your regular phone number accessible, while using your local eSIM for low-cost mobile data.

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