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What’s the best Europe data plan for travelers?

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If you’re planning a European adventure and want to stay connected to family and friends, you’re probably wondering about the best Europe data plan for travel. 


(After all, you’d much rather save your cash for fun excursions, great meals, and one-in-a-lifetime experiences — not waste it all on a painful mobile bill once you’re back home.)


The good news is that your smartphone is practically guaranteed to be compatible with Europe’s mobile network, so you don’t need to invest in a burner phone for your trip. So it’s just a matter of how you’ll talk and text — and how much it’ll cost you.


OPTION #1: Use your existing SIM card (the tiny bit of plastic tucked deep inside your smartphone) and an international data plan from your usual carrier. This can be expensive ($$$) but they’ll certainly help you set it up, and all charges will appear on your next mobile bill.


OPTION #2: Buy a local SIM card in Europe, and swap it out with the one in your phone. You won’t have access to your regular phone number because it won’t be living inside your device, and there’s always a chance you might lose your original SIM while gawking at the Colosseum.


OPTION #3: Use aloSIM to shop for data plans in Europe, then buy and activate an eSIM (software-based version of a SIM card, right in your phone) that you can start using anytime you want. No need to visit a store — you can do the whole thing right on your phone, while lying on the couch or hanging in the airport. You’ll also only pay for what you need, with no scary surprises on your next mobile bill. 


Using an eSIM data plan in Europe means you have the freedom to talk and text like a local — all without the steep price tag of buying an international data plan through your usual mobile provider. It’s as easy as 1-2-aloSIM.


Need a Europe data plan for travel? eSIM technology is your new BFF. Check out aloSIM for local and regional eSIM plans.

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