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Introducing aloSIM+ for corporate travel, group travel

Use aloSIM+ for corporate travel and group travel

Data starting at $4/week

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Travel without roaming fees, and help others do the same. We’re excited to introduce aloSIM+ — a brand-new tool for corporate travel and group travel that will help you save time and money.


What is aloSIM+?


aloSIM+ is the latest money-saving travel solution from AffinityClick — the proudly Canadian team that created aloSIM and Hushed. aloSIM+ allows groups to access shared funds so they can get free data packages from the aloSIM app or

Who uses aloSIM+?


aloSIM+ is totally free to use, and anyone can create an account. It was designed to help people have fast, easy access to free data while else foots the bill — like an employer, parent, coach, chaperone, or trip organizer.


Corporate travel:

Employees can enjoy free international roaming data during business travel, without having to worry about submitting expenses from their mobile phone bill.



Create an aloSIM+ account for your family, load it with funds, and everyone you invite will always have easy access to free data. Perfect for family trips, or teens travelling solo.


School groups:

If you’re travelling internationally with a group of students, invite them to an aloSIM+ group to make sure everyone has a reliable internet connection anywhere they go. (aloSIM data includes a free international phone number from Hushed, which helps tremendously with keeping students, teachers, and chaperones connected abroad.)


Sports teams:

With free international roaming data, the whole team will be kept in the loop about extra practices, game times, and post-game celebrations. The coach or team manager can run the aloSIM+ account and invite each player to join.


Group travel:

If you’re travelling with friends and splitting the costs, make it easy on everyone and set up an aloSIM+ account for the trip. Everyone chips in to add funds to the account, and then it’s easy to grab free international data anytime you need it.



How account owners use aloSIM+

1. Create a free aloSIM+ account and invite members

2. Add funds to the account so members can access free data in the aloSIM app

3. Monitor member data usage, and add/remove members anytime


How account members use aloSIM+

1. Accept an invitation to an aloSIM+ group

2. Shop prepaid data in the aloSIM app

3. Charge all purchases to the aloSIM+ group


How do I get an aloSIM+ account?


It’s easy to create a free aloSIM+ account. You’ll be able to invite members to your group and start using it right away.


1. Visit and select ‘Owner account’

An owner account allows you to add/remove members, add funds, and review everyone’s data usage.


It's free to sign up for aloSIM+


2. Sign up for aloSIM (or log into an existing account)

If you’re new to aloSIM, welcome! We’ll need the name of your group, your name, your email address, and your phone number.


Create a new aloSIM account or log into an existing aloSIM account to use aloSIM+


If you already have an aloSIM account, you can log into that. We’ll just ask you to choose a name for your aloSIM+ group, and provide us with a bit of info.


Log into an existing aloSIM account and choose a name for your aloSIM+ group


3. Add funds to your aloSIM+ account

Once you’re logged in, you can add funds to your account so your members can have free access to prepaid data. If you’re already an aloSIM customer, your existing cards on file will be available here, so there’s no need to re-enter them.


aloSIM+ for corporate travel


4. Invite members to your aloSIM+ account

You can invite members to join your aloSIM+ account. They won’t use the aloSIM+ portal — they’ll just use the aloSIM app or, and they’ll be able to purchase aloSIM data packages using the funds in your aloSIM+ account.


Add or remove members from your aloSIM+ account anytime


5. Everyone can shop for data anytime

Once a member accepts their invitation, they’re free to shop for data packages using the aloSIM app or Instead of paying for it themselves, they’ll be able to charge the payment directly to the aloSIM+ group.


Charge the payment to your aloSIM+ account


Whether you’re organizing corporate travel, a school trip, or a vacation with your family, aloSIM+ is the perfect solution to keep costs low and make sure everyone has access to free data.


Curious about aloSIM+? Sign up for free, learn more, or speak with sales. Need support? Our team is available 24/7 via email ( and live chat.

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