How to activate eSIM data packages

Connect to local data networks worldwide

How to activate eSIM data packages

What's the eSIM activation process?

If this is your first time using an eSIM (digital SIM card), it can be confusing to know the different between buying an eSIM data package, installing an eSIM on your device, and activating your data package so you can use it …

How to install an eSIM on any compatible device _ Does your phone or tablet support eSIM
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Check if your device can use eSIM

The first step is making sure your device is eSIM-compatible. Most newer phones and tablets are built to accept eSIMs (digital SIM cards), but you can check your device with our free SIM device checker.

How to install an eSIM on any compatible device _ Buy an eSIM online
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Shop for a prepaid eSIM data package

Shop for prepaid eSIM data packages in the free aloSIM app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or on Choose the location where you need data, and decide how much prepaid data you’d like.

How to install an eSIM on any compatible device _ Install your eSIM on a supported device
step 3

Install your eSIM on your device

Once you buy an eSIM, it needs to be added to your phone or tablet. It only takes a couple of minutes to install your eSIM on any compatible device, and we’ll show you several eSIM installation options inside your aloSIM account.

How to install an eSIM on any compatible device _Activate your eSIM data package
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Activate your eSIM data package

If you’re looking for information on activating eSIM data packages, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to activate your eSIM data package and make sure your device uses your eSIM for data.

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eSIM vs. physical SIM card: Explained without tech jargon

What is eSIM?


You might be familiar with traditional physical SIM cards: those little pieces of plastic that can be inserted in phones and tablets to give them mobile data.


Well, an eSIM is a digital SIM card, so think of it as the downloadable version that lives invisibly inside your phone (similar to an app), allowing you to connect to networks in countries all over the world.


If you’re going to be travelling internationally, an eSIM is a great way to connect to local networks in a new country for an affordable price. With prepaid data packages, you’re in control of how much data you buy.

How to install eSIM on your iPhone

How much do eSIM data packages cost?


Here at aloSIM, our eSIM data packages start as low as $3.50 for a week’s worth of data depending on the location. You can check all prices in the free aloSIM app or by shopping our eSIM store online.


When you buy an eSIM data package, you get to choose the length of time you can stay connected to data networks (anywhere from 7-30 days, typically) and how much data you want to use (1GB to 20GB for most locations).

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How to activate Google Pixel eSIM _ Data Roaming ON Mobile Data ON

When do I activate eSIM data packages?


Before activation, make sure you’ve already installed your eSIM so it’s available on your device.


The eSIM activation process means you’re “starting the clock” on your prepaid data package, so if you’ve purchased a 30-day package, your 30-day countdown begins the moment you activate it.


If you’re using your eSIM data for international travel, we’ll explain how to prep your device so it’s ready to activate your eSIM data package as soon as you arrive in the new country/region.

Samsung eSIM activation _ Your aloSIM data package should now be active

Can I activate an eSIM once I’m partway through a trip?


Yes! If you’re using an Android device, like a Google Pixel or Samsung, you can install an eSIM anytime and your data package won’t activate until you complete the activation steps.


If you’re using an iPhone or iPad (running the latest iOS), your Apple eSIM data package may automatically activate during installation, so it’s best to install your eSIM just before you’re about to start using the data, in case it auto-activates.

Samsung eSIM activation _ Make sure your Samsung eSIM has Data Roaming ON

Do I need data or Wi-Fi to complete an eSIM activation?


When you’re activating eSIM data packages, you do not require Wi-Fi or data.


As long as the eSIM has been properly installed on your device (using our instructions for iPhone, iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung, or other supported devices), you won’t need data or Wi-Fi for anything.


The eSIM data package activation process is really just “telling” your device to start using your eSIM for data and letting it connect to aloSIM’s supported networks. (We’ll show you exactly what to do.)

Activate iPhone eSIM _ Settings _ Cellular

What does eSIM activation actually involve?


The eSIM activation steps are a little different on each device, but we explain each step clearly, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung, or other supported device.


For eSIM data package activation on an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, or Samsung device, you’ll toggle your eSIM on, let it roam, check your APN, and make sure your iPhone stops letting your primary SIM use data or roam new networks so you don’t pay carrier roaming charges.

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