How to activate eSIM on your iPhone

How to activate eSIM on your iPhone
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One iPhone with two (or more) different cellular plans? It’s way easier than you might think, and there’s no need to visit your cell phone provider — you can activate eSIM on your iPhone all by yourself!


aloSIM makes it easy to add new eSIM cellular plans that can make it easier to travel and do business, and having the freedom to add new lines as needed, on the go, is a game-changer. 


But if you’ve never activated an eSIM before, you might be wondering where the heck to start. We’ve got you!


Here at aloSIM, we make it easy to purchase the right eSIM plan from your desired carrier. Your purchase will provide all of the handy-code “codes” and details you’ll need to punch in during the steps described below.


Whether you’re using an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR (all eSIM compatible devices), here’s how to activate eSIM on your phone so you can use aloSIM to easily add additional plans as you need them … 


How to activate eSIM on your iPhone

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Mobile Data” (or it might say “Cellular”)
  • Tap “Add Data Plan” (or it might say “Add Cellular Plan”)



At this point, you can scan a QR code into the frame or type in the details manually. 


If you choose the manual option, it’s going to ask for your activation information …


  • SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager Data Preparation) Address
  • Activation Code 
  • Confirmation Code (optional)


Once it gets the details, it will prompt you to tap “Add Data Plan” to officially add your new plan to your iPhone.


How to finalize your eSIM details …


Now it’s time to give your new data plan a label. (Trust us, this makes it much easier to know which line is which when you’re switching back and forth.) 


How to label your eSIMs


Your main data plan will automatically be called “Primary,” and the new eSIM plan will automatically be called “Secondary.” But you can easily tap to rename them, perhaps giving them names like “Personal” and “Travel,” or “Main (Canada)” and “aloSIM (United States).”


Then your phone will ask you to choose your default line, for people who aren’t in your contacts.


(Anyone you have saved as a contact can be assigned a preferred line, so your phone always knows which one to use when you’re connecting with them.)


Tap “Continue” to also select your new eSIM plan for iMessage, FaceTime, and Apple ID.


Tap “Continue” again to select your new eSIM plan for Mobile Data (and keep it turned on to update the APN settings). Turn off “Allow Mobile Data Switching” so you don’t get dinged with high roaming bills on your main data plan. 


Ready to change your APN settings?


  • From your main apps screen, tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Mobile Data” (or it might say “Cellular”)
  • Select your new aloSIM plan
  • Tap “Mobile Data Network”
  • Under APN, type in “globaldata”


Update your Data Roaming settings …


  • From your main apps screen, tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Mobile Data” (or it might say “Cellular”)
  • Toggle the “Data Roaming” switch to ON


That’s it! Your eSIM installation is finished, and you’re ready to use your brand-new aloSIM package.


If you’ve reached your new destination, your iPhone will automatically connect to the area’s local network — no need to do anything else.


If you take a peek at the top-left corner of your iPhone screen, you’ll also notice two network signals there (instead of just one, like you probably had before). This makes it easy to see which network you’re currently using.


Need to switch back to your regular SIM? No problem!


  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Mobile Data” (or it might say “Cellular”)
  • Under Data Plans, just tap the plan you’d like to use 
  • On the next screen, toggle “Turn on this line” to switch it on


Looking to add another eSIM or make changes to your aloSIM account? It’s easy to do using the aloSIM app.


How do I make a call using my new eSIM?


Not sure which SIM you’re currently using, and don’t want to constantly go into Settings to check? No worries!


As you tap in the phone number, you’ll see a “label” at the top of the screen that shows you which SIM you’re using to make the call.


If you realize you’re using “Personal,” for example, but you’d rather make the call from your “Travel” eSIM, just tap the label to change the line on the spot.


How do I assign a contact to a particular SIM?


When your iPhone rings with a new incoming call, you’ll see the usual details — the person’s name, if it’s available, and the options to Decline or Accept the call — but you’ll also see a brand-new detail. It will display which account is assigned to that particular person.


Need to change it? Sure! There are two ways to do that …


Option 1: Start a new iMessage for that person. It will pop up with the SIM it’s suggesting (i.e. “Personal” or “Travel”) and you tap the blue or green bar to switch it for that person, if needed. 


Option 2: Open your Contacts and select a particular person. Under their name, it will show which number you last used for them. If you want to change it, just tap it and select the other number.


How do I assign a contact to a particular SIM?

So whether you’re interested in a new phone plan for personal use, business use, or to make traveling easier, aloSIM is here for you! 


Curious about how eSIM technology could work for you? Need help to activate eSIM on your iPhone? Chat with aloSIM about local and regional eSIM service. 

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