Wimbledon fun facts and history: Everything you need to know


By Krista

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Wimbledon fun facts
Since 1877, the Wimbledon Championship has been held on the croquet lawns of the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. The tournament, first exclusively for men, introduced a women’s championship in 1884 as well as the national men’s doubles. In 1913, mixed doubles and women’s doubles were also inaugurated.
Held annually in late June and early July, it’s one of the four annual “Grand Slam” tennis events (the others being the Australian, French, and U.S. Opens) but is the only one still played on natural grass.

If you’re not one of the 532,651 guests who pass through the gates during the Fortnight of the Championship, here’s a list of Wimbledon fun facts to enjoy from home.

Having a ball

  • When players are hitting the ball with such force, racket strings tend to break. Championship stringing teams string over 2,000 rackets, which totals over 40 miles of string
  • From 1000 applicants each year, approximately 250 Ball Boys and Ball Girls (BBGs) work at The Championships, Wimbledon
  • Since 1902, Slazenger has been the Official Supplier of tennis balls to The Championships making it one of the longest partnerships in sporting goods history
  • In 1986, yellow balls were used for the first time during The Championships
  • 55,000 balls are used during The Championship period
  • Spectators can purchase used balls after a match with the proceeds going to the Wimbledon Foundation

Dress code

  • Wimbledon introduced the predominant white dress code in 1963. In 1995, the condition was clarified as “almost entirely white” but in 2023, dark-coloured shorts were permitted to female players
  • Grand Slam and WTA regulations require traditional tennis attire and suitability is at the discretion of a Referee on the day of the match

Social status

  • Over 17.5m followers on social channels
  • 918 million video views
  •  In 2023, users users spent more than 7.3 million hours across all Wimbledon channels during The Championships

What’s growing on?

  • More than 50,000 plants are supplied each year for The Championships
  • The ivy found on Centre Court at Wimbledon is Boston Ivy (Parthenocissus Tricuspidata Veitchii)
  • Courts are 100% rye grass and cut to 8mm in height

Speed trials

  • All Time fastest serve for Gentlemen: 148 mph – Taylor Dent, USA (2010)
  • All time fastest serve for Ladies: 129 mph – Venus Williams, USA (2008)

Wild cards

  • Wild cards are players whose world ranking is not high enough to qualify automatically for The Championships but who are accepted into the main Championships draw at the discretion of the Committee, generally based on past performance or to increase interest in the matches
  • Wild Card Champion Gentlemen’s Singles 2001 – G. Ivanisevic
  • Wild Card Champion Gentlemen’s Doubles 2012 – J. Marray & F. Nielsen
  • Wild Card Champion Ladies’ Doubles 2000 and 2002 – S. Williams & V. Williams

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Armed with these Wimbledon fun facts, you’ll not only enjoy the tournament but also wow your friends with your insider knowledge. Get ready to impress everyone with your Wimbledon expertise!