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eSIM is a groundbreaking way to instantly add data to a compatible device, but not everyone knows eSIM is an option. Spread the word about prepaid eSIM data packages from aloSIM, and reap the benefits.

Base payout 10-35%

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Why are eSIMs useful?

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that connects your device to the internet, so you have local data (without roaming charges).

Who uses eSIM?


People on vacation

Use your phone on vacation (130+ available countries), have steady data anywhere you go, and never pay roaming charges. Choose from weekly or monthly eSIM data packages.


Business travelers

Stay online with a reliable data connection, instead of hunting down Wi-Fi. Your colleagues and clients can also still call or text you on your regular phone number, even internationally.


People who want short-term data

Exceeded your monthly carrier plan limit? Want temporary data on an unserviced phone? Use an eSIM for instant data, anytime you need it.

Benefits of being an aloSIM Ambassador


Fast payouts

Our affiliate program ensures you get paid quickly, every month, for every aloSIM sale you’ve generated.

High earning potential

No commission caps! If you tell the world about aloSIM and bring us lots of new customers, we promise we’ll make it worth your while.


Smart tracking

From that very first click on your affiliate link to the final check of the checkout process, our system captures your customer’s journey — and makes sure to credit you for getting them started.

Global appeal

We have data packages for 130+ countries worldwide, so you can share the convenience of eSIM travel data with audiences all over the world. No shipping required, and no geographic limitations.


Dedicated support

Our energetic Customer Support team is available 24/7 for technical assistance, and you can always reach out to our Ambassador Team with any questions about the affiliate program.

Creativity encouraged

Use your own unique voice to describe the benefits of eSIM, the money it’s saved you while traveling, the convenience of adding instant data to a device — anything you’d like!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can anyone use an eSIM?

    As long as someone has an unlocked, eSIM-compatible device, they can use an eSIM to connect to data networks in 120+ countries. We have a neat eSIM compatibility tester that people can use if they’re sure they have a supported device.

  • Do I need to show people how to use aloSIM or install an eSIM?

    Nope! You can leave the Customer Support to our dedicated team (available 24/7 to assist aloSIM customers). While some aloSIM affiliates like to explain how eSIM works or talk about their own experiences using eSIM, others prefer to just drop the link and see if their audience is interested. There’s no pressure to provide any kind of product support.

  • How do I become an aloSIM Ambassador?

    Great question! You’ll apply to the affiliate program, and we’ll set you up with a custom link to share with your audiences. Whenever someone clicks your link and decides to purchase an eSIM data package from us, you’ll get a commission on that sale. Funds from any earned commissions will be added to your account each month.

  • Can I try aloSIM prior to becoming an affiliate?

    We absolutely encourage you to try aloSIM before you join the aloSIM Ambassador program. Please reach out to our Ambassador Team to discuss your plans for promoting aloSIM, and we’ll see about setting you up to try aloSIM at a discounted rate.

  • Where can I learn more about aloSIM?

    To learn more about aloSIM, a great place to start is our blog, which answers everything from “What is eSIM?” and “How to buy eSIM online” to explaining exactly how to use eSIM for travel data.


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Love using eSIM data? Become an aloSIM affiliate!

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