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Australia to Thailand: Deals and travel hacks

Travelling from Australia to Thailand

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As summer heats up in the southern hemisphere and the calendar inches closer to holiday breaks, travellers are jetting from Australia to Thailand for whirlwind weekend getaways, family trips, and long decadent vacations.


Thailand blends old-world culture with modern beauty, and travellers come from all over the world to enjoy Thailand’s gorgeous beaches, lively streets, historical parks, grand Buddhist monasteries, and one-of-a-kind spots like the Grand Palace and the Emerald Lagoon.


From Australia to Thailand, with love


Because Thailand is relatively close to Australia, it gives Australians the ability to explore a fascinating new culture while enjoying luxurious experiences close to home.


Ready for a relaxing beach vacation? Phuket for sure!
Looking for an exciting nightlife scene? Try Bangkok!
Eager to hike mountains and explore nature? Go to Chiang Mai!


Thailand loves Australian visitors just as much as Australians love visiting Thailand, and the two countries have a long-standing love and respect for each other. In fact, more than 20,000 Australians actually make Thailand their full-time home.


Travelling from Australia to Thailand?


The fastest flight from Australia to Thailand is just 8 hours 45 minutes, and there are direct flights from Australia to Thailand every single day.


While the cheapest time to fly from Australia to Thailand is in August (when it’s winter in both locations), you can score flight deals if you watch carefully, keep your browser cache cleared (so sites can’t tell you’re comparing prices), and strike when you see a great price.


No matter where you live in Australia, we’ll walk you through the best ways to get to Thailand for a dreamy summer vacation you’ll never forget.


Sydney to Thailand


If you’re going from Sydney to Thailand, you can fly out of Sydney Airport and fly directly to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. You’ll spend about 9 hours 30 minutes on the plane, from gate to gate.


Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the biggest and busiest airport in Thailand, so you’ll have the most availability flying here. (Even if you plan on visiting other areas on your Sydney to Thailand trek.)


Depending on when you’re travelling, you may also be able to fly from Sydney to Thailand by leaving from Sydney Airport and arriving at Phuket International Airport in Phuket. The flying time’s a bit shorter, at 9 hours 15 minutes.


While you’re in Thailand, make sure you avoid data roaming charges by using a prepaid Thailand eSIM data package. (You can prepay for as much data as you need, and add more data if you need it.)


Melbourne to Thailand


Flying nonstop from Melbourne to Thailand means you can hop on a flight at the Melbourne Airport and arrive in Bangkok about 9 hours 15 minutes later. If you don’t mind making a stop (or two), you can also fly from Melbourne to Thailand by way of Phuket.


You probably won’t be able to use your Melbourne mobile provider while you’re in Thailand ($$$) so install a Thailand eSIM on your phone to use prepaid mobile data that starts at $5 USD a week.


Perth to Thailand


If you’re travelling from Perth to Thailand, you can fly from Perth Airport to Bangkok with a layover in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia or Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore.


It’s less than nine hours from Perth to Thailand if you hop a flight to Bangkok that connects in Singpore. Just watch out for the layout time listed on the flight itinerary! Most layovers are less than two hours, but watch for the occasional overnight layover that’s closer to eight hours.)


From Perth, you can also hop on a flight to Phuket by way of either Kuala Lumpur International Airport or Singapore Changi Airport. This route will take you 8-16 hours from start to finish, depending on the length of your layover.


While you’re in Thailand, make sure you avoid data roaming charges by using a prepaid Thailand eSIM data package. (You can prepay for as much data as you need, and add more data if you need it.)


Brisbane to Thailand


Going from Brisbane to Thailand typically takes 13-15 hours, including one stop at either Tan Son Nhat International Airport or Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The layovers are typically less than four hours, and it’s cheaper than booking separate tickets at the same time.


You probably won’t be able to use your Brisbane mobile provider while you’re in Thailand ($$$) so install a Thailand eSIM on your phone to use prepaid mobile data that starts at $5 USD a week.


Australia to Thailand travel tips


Psst! Flying to Bangkok?


If you’re flying from Australia to Thailand and you plan on arriving in Bangkok, you may be confused about which of Thailand’s international airports is best. While both Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport are technically located within Bangkok, Don Mueang International Airport is located 24km north and Suvarnabhumi International Airport is located 32km east. Depending on your final destination in Thailand, it likely won’t make a huge difference which airport you choose. Go with the best deal!


Be careful when exchanging AUD for THB


While the exchange rate between Australian Dollars (AUD) and Thai baht (THB) is very good, be cautious about getting the cash you need for your trip so you can get the best possible deal. It’s typically cheapest at your local bank, but regardless of what you choose, make sure you have some Thai baht with you when you arrive, so you’re not stuck paying atrocious exchange rates at an airport kiosk.


Avoid roaming charges in Thailand


Don’t rely on your regular mobile carrier to keep you connected when you’re travelling from Australia to Thailand. Carrier travel plans charge you a daily rate for each day your phone uses data in another country, and they’re a lot more expensive than connecting to local networks on your own. Save money by installing a Thailand eSIM (digital SIM card) on your phone, and using prepaid local data instead.


Going from Australia to Thailand?


1. Make sure your phone supports eSIM (digital SIM cards)

2. Shop for a prepaid Thailand data package ($5/week and up)

3. Install your Thailand eSIM on your phone while you’re still in Australia

4. Turn off Data Roaming prior to leaving Australia

5. Activate your data package when you arrive in Thailand

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