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aloSIM review: What aloSIM customers are saying

aloSIM review: What aloSIM customers are saying

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Looking for an aloSIM review? You’ve come to the right place!


Ever since the exciting spring launch of the aloSIM app, our team has been overwhelmed by the kind reviews from customers all over the world.


We understand there are other apps out there offering eSIM data packages, so we appreciate when someone chooses to buy an eSIM data package from us — trusting aloSIM to keep them connected with prepaid travel data for their vacation or easy, pay-as-you-go data to use at home.


So if you’d like to learn more about what real aloSIM customers are saying, let’s dive into the first aloSIM review …


Top aloSIM review about affordability:


“Glad to find this app. Much cheaper travel data than going through my carrier. Easy to use and got what I needed at a good price.” App Store review


This makes us really happy! It can be expensive to get a one-size-fits-all travel data package through a carrier, and those carrier travel data packages often include way more travel data than a person would need. We’re pleased we have the freedom to let people choose a simple 1 GB data package if that’s all the travel data they need.


Top aloSIM review praising local data:


“I don’t have a phone plan, so I like being able to get seven-day data packages when I’m going to be somewhere without Wi-Fi. Works great!” App Store review


We love how this aloSIM customer pointed out the beauty of using aloSIM data when you don’t have a monthly phone plan. The reality is that many people rely on Wi-Fi for day-to-day phone use, and sometimes you just can’t get on Wi-Fi … so what happens then? aloSIM to the rescue, providing small amounts of data to tide you over!


“If you have a tween you’d like to reach even when they don’t have Wi-Fi, this is a really cheap, effective way to stay in touch with them on a hand-me-down phone or tablet.” HeathersHandmadeLife blog


Full disclosure, of course, that Heather works on the aloSIM team. 😉 But she regularly purchases aloSIM data packages (with her own money) so she can load them onto her tweens’ hand-me-down iPhone XRs and keep in touch with them if they’ll be away, at a special event, or otherwise not able to connect to Wi-Fi.


Top aloSIM reviews about travel data:


“Hassle-free data while traveling. Thanks team!” App Store review


This aloSIM review was music to our ears, especially right now in the summer of 2022 when traveling has been a stressful situation for many due to airport delays and flight cancellations. Knowing that our aloSIM app helped make someone’s travels a bit easier warms our hearts!


“I love not having to worry about roaming charges while staying connected while traveling! It was an incredible weight off to not have to worry about data! Big savings if you’re planning on using apps and keeping your device on while roaming. You can’t underestimate how staying connected without roaming charges can put your mind at ease during travel!Blogger Krista Montelpare of the Love Letter Lifestyle blog, who reviewed a U.S. data package and shared her thoughts here and here on Instagram


We were delighted to provide Krista with free eSIM data for her trip to New York City. Krista says she loved being able to have a data connection for loading up social media apps and her Maps app for getting directions all over the Big Apple (especially since she was hunting down all the best Taylor Swift hotspots, like Cornelia Street).


Each and every aloSIM review is SO important to us, because reviews help our app be discovered by new users — and each review shows the App Store and Google Play that we’re a useful app on the move, shooting up through the charts.


So if you’re using the app, please consider leaving a quick aloSIM review! It only takes about 10 seconds, and it would greatly help our little eSIM app rise through the rankings.

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