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How to travel internationally with your iPhone

Sometimes people are so nervous about using their iPhone internationally that they simply shut the whole device down and never touch it their whole trip, terrified of coming home to an astronomically high phone bill because they dared to play Words with Friends.   Luckily, more people now understand that it's absolutely fine to use your iPhone when you're traveling internationally, but yes, you'll want to be careful about HOW you use it to avoid that huge phone bill.

eSIM vs. SIM card: Which is better for travelers?

If you’ve heard about eSIM technology but you still aren’t clear on what it is (or if it’s something you should care about), you’re not alone.    Summer’s here, and people are eager to start traveling. But when it comes

Safe travel tips for 2021

As more borders open and restrictions loosen, people are itching to throw some clothes into a suitcase and get back to traveling. But what does safe travel look like in 2021?   If it’s been a while since you hit

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How to use eSIM while travelling

Imagine cruising to a stop at your airport gate in another country, unbuckling your seatbelt, taking your device off airplane mode, and poof! You’re already connected to the local network.   It may sound like a fairy tale for weary

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How to use Twitter for airline complaints

As any frequent traveller knows, when you make a complaint to an airline, it often seems like you’re yelling into a black hole.    If you manage to get through to a customer service agent on the phone, you may

How to activate eSIM on your iPhone

How to activate eSIM on your iPhone

One iPhone with two (or more) different cellular plans? It’s way easier than you might think, and there’s no need to visit your cell phone provider — you can activate eSIM on your iPhone all by yourself!   aloSIM makes

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Is my phone eSIM compatible?

Tech-savvy people are loving the freedom that comes with eSIM technology, otherwise known as Embedded SIM — a software-based version of a traditional chip-style SIM card. In fact, more than half of all mobile devices are expected to use 'em