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AIRPORT HACKS: Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami International Airport (MIA) is massive and busy, but manages to offer enough to travelers that it doesn’t seem to be as bland and hellish as other large U.S. airports.   Like Miami itself, MIA has a Latin flare in its shops and eateries, which makes you feel like you’re somewhere exotic even when you’re just passing through. Although touted as a 24-hour airport, things do shut down a bit at night depending on flight schedules as each terminal,

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AIRPORT HACKS: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Considering that it is the fourth busiest airport in the world (based on number of passengers), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can seem a little underwhelming when you’re stuck there on a long layover.    LAX is huge (with nine

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Travel apps to help you navigate new cities

When you’re visiting a new-to-you city, how do you find the best places to eat, shop, and explore?    Most travel guidebooks are pretty much obsolete by the time they go to print, and often they’re written for such a

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International phone etiquette tips

How we conduct ourselves with our mobile phones can say a lot about how much we respect other people, and this can be especially true when traveling to other countries.    While it may be perfectly acceptable in North America

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Must-have travel accessories

Once upon a time, air travel used to be glamorous — you know, way back when we didn’t have to pay for checked luggage, meals were served for free even on domestic flights, and little luxuries were all part of

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Parent-tested hacks for flying with kids

Let’s just say it — flying with kids can be an absolute nightmare.    When you’re managing a child’s behaviour, fears, boredom, and unhappiness onboard an airplane full of non-sympathetic fellow travellers, travel is never “fun.” There are, however, plenty

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Fitness tips for savvy travellers

When your life or job keeps you traveling, staying fit and healthy can be a challenge.    When you’re constantly on the go, it can be hard to find the motivation to work out — especially if entertaining friends or