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Quick guide to Rogers international calling and texting

Calling and texting in another country usually results in extra charges, even if you’re using an eSIM for data. Here’s what to expect with Rogers …

As a Rogers customer, you have a few choices when you travel internationally and want to keep your regular phone number active.



Rogers customers who plan on doing a lot of calling and texting can add Roam Like Home to their account if they want to pay a flat rate for every day they use their phone internationally.


Rogers’s Roam Like Home plan lets you use your regular plan’s data, and often provides unlimited talk and text while you’re travelling internationally.


If you’re already planning on using an eSIM for affordable prepaid data while you travel, you might not want to pay for Roam Like Home (which includes data). 


If you have used Roam Like Home before, Rogers might automatically activate Roam Like Home once they detect you have arrived in another country. If you’ve never used Roam Like Home before, you may need to contact Rogers or log into your Rogers account and request it.


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Rogers customers who don’t plan on doing much international calling and texting can choose the pay-per-use route and pay only for individual calls and text messages.


Rogers’s pay-per-use option means you can pay set fees every time you rely on Rogers for data, a phone call, or a text message that occurs internationally.


If you’re already planning on using an eSIM for affordable prepaid data while you travel, you will only pay Rogers for individual calls and text messages. 


If you have used Roam Like Home on previous trips, but prefer to go the pay-per-use route on this trip instead, you should contact Rogers and make sure they don’t automatically place you on their Roam Like Home plan once they detect you’re in another country.


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Using your Rogers phone number internationally

Do I choose Rogers Roam Like Home or their pay-per-use option?


If you’ll be using an eSIM for travel data and won’t be calling or texting too often, we recommend using the Rogers pay-per-use option.


If you’ve used Rogers’ Roam Like Home plan before and you wish to use their pay-per-use option on your next trip because you’re using an eSIM for data this time, contact Rogers and make sure you won’t be automatically placed on Roam Like Home when you leave the country.

What do I say to Rogers if I’m using an eSIM for data?


If you’re speaking with a Rogers representative, here’s how you can explain it: “I will be using a prepaid eSIM data package during my upcoming trip, but I want to keep using my phone number. I want to make sure I will only be charged pay-per-use rates for calls and texts. I do not need any travel data, because I will be using my eSIM for that.”


If you have any questions about how to use your Rogers phone number alongside an eSIM from aloSIM, please reach out to aloSIM Support and we’d be happy to help.

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