Consumer Cellular international calling and texting guide

Quick guide to Consumer Cellular international calling and texting

Calling and texting abroad usually results in extra charges, even if you’re using an eSIM for data. Here’s what to expect with Consumer Cellular …

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Can I use my Consumer Cellular phone internationally?


Famous for its no-contract cell plans, Consumer Cellular is a United States virtual network operator that provides wireless service using the powerful AT&T and T-Mobile networks.


Even though Consumer Cellular is U.S.-based, you can use your Consumer Cellular service while travelling to select countries if you enable international roaming.

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How much does it cost to use Consumer Cellular internationally?


Since Consumer Cellular partners with different networks to provide international coverage, the cost of using your phone internationally depends on where you’re travelling, and which network provider Consumer Cellular uses in that region.


Consumer Cellular recommends calling their customer service department (888-345-5509) at least two weeks prior to leaving the United States to discuss where you’re going and how much it will cost to use your phone there.

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Is it expensive to use my Consumer Cellular plan abroad?


According to Consumer Cellular’s website, international roaming charges can add up quickly and they recommend using their service internationally “on a limited basis,” as some in some countries the “costs can be much higher.”


If you want to travel on a budget, it’s likely much cheaper to use a prepaid eSIM data package (often only $5/week) and either limit your calls or rely on other methods (see below).

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How do I pair eSIM data with Consumer Cellular calling/texting?


1. Make sure you have a device that supports eSIM

2. Download the free aloSIM app

3. Buy and install an eSIM (digital SIM)

4. Talk to Consumer Cellular about your texting/calling options

5. Activate your prepaid data package


During activation, we’ll show you how to set your device to keep your phone number active, while preventing roaming on your Consumer Cellular plan. Then you’ll only pay for individual calls and texts, not data!

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Does Consumer Cellular offer Wi-Fi calling?


Yes! During international travel, Consumer Cellular gives you the option to make and receive phone calls on your regular number using minutes from your plan (if applicable) once you’re on Wi-Fi.


According to Consumer Cellular, you must activate international roaming in order to use Wi-Fi calling outside of the United States.

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Are there cheaper ways to talk and text internationally?


There are plenty of ways to talk and text while you’re travelling internationally.


Over either Wi-Fi or your eSIM data, iPhone users can rely on iMessage and FaceTime. There are also social media apps with messaging and calling.


Anyone can get a temporary phone number from Hushed for calling and texting over the internet on a private number.

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What if Consumer Cellular does not offer coverage where I’ll be travelling?


Consumer Cellular’s website includes an alphabetized list of all of the international destinations where you can still call and text using your regular phone number.


If your destination isn’t included, Consumer Cellular recommends powering off your phone or placing it on Airplane Mode during your trip to avoid roaming charges. (You can still use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode.)

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