Quick guide to Mint international calling and texting

Quick guide to Mint international calling and texting

Calling and texting in another country usually results in extra charges, even if you’re using an eSIM for data. Here’s what to expect with Mint …

International calling and texting (1)

Can I use my Mint phone internationally?


Absolutely! Mint Mobile phones will work just about everywhere it can find a network connection, but you will need to buy international roaming credits to be able to talk and text on your Mint phone in another country.


If you’ll be using an eSIM for travel data and won’t be calling or texting too often, Mint lets you pay only for the phone calls and texts you make while travelling internationally. (Just make sure you’ve added those international roaming credits first!)

International calling and texting

How much does Mint charge for calling and texting internationally?


Mint keeps things simple when it comes to seeing how much you’ll spend on pay-per-use calling and texting while you travel.


Just select your destination and Mint will tell you their roaming voice rate (per minute), SMS rate (per text), and data rate (per MB).


Remember that if you’re using an eSIM for all data while you travel, you won’t need to pay Mint for roaming data as long as you configure your phone correctly.

Quick guide to Chatr international calling and texting

Will Mint charge me for data usage?


Data usage roaming rates can be very expensive, so you don’t want to pay your carrier for data if you have a cheaper option … like an eSIM!


That’s why SO many travellers are choosing to use a prepaid eSIM for all data, and prevent their primary SIM from using any data while they travel, only letting it remain active for phone calls and texts.


Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel device, we can show you how to keep your phone number available while preventing your Primary SIM from “roaming” and using data while you travel.

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How do I pay for Mint international usage?


To take advantage of international roaming with Mint, you will need to add international roaming credits to your Mint account prior to travelling.


Just log into your Mint account, go to “Settings,” and select “Add INTL Roaming Credit.” Then you will have the option to add $5, $10, $20 increments of international roaming credit.


This international roaming credit will be used when you talk and text on your regular Mint phone number while travelling internationally.

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