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Lucky Mobile international calling and texting

Calling and texting abroad usually results in extra charges, even if you’re using an eSIM for data. Here’s what to expect with Lucky Mobile …

Can I use my Lucky Mobile phone internationally?


Lucky Mobile is a Canadian mobile carrier, and it currently only supports calling and texting when you’re located within Canada.


If you’re travelling within the U.S. or any country other than Canada, Lucky Mobile will not be able to connect your calls and texts, as it doesn’t provide roaming services.


But if you’re travelling internationally and want to use your Lucky Mobile phone, we can help with that …

Travel with a prepaid Canada SIM card

How do I get Lucky Mobile data for international travel?


1. Make sure you have a device that supports eSIM

2. Download the free aloSIM app

3. Buy and install an eSIM (downloadable SIM)

4. Toggle off your Lucky Mobile SIM card

5. Activate your prepaid data package


Since your Lucky Mobile phone number won’t work outside of Canada anyway, it’s no problem to toggle it off during your trip. Your eSIM will provide prepaid data in your destination country/countries.

Zambia eSIM

How do I call and text internationally if I’m with Lucky Mobile?


Since Lucky Mobile doesn’t offer roaming, you’ll need to use a different phone number while you’re travelling.


Our sister app, Hushed, provides temporary phone numbers starting at just $2.99. These phone numbers work over Wi-Fi or data, anywhere in the world.


1. Download the free Hushed app

2. Choose a phone number + phone plan

3. Call and text over the internet

4. Keep the number as long as you want it!

Belgium eSIM data

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Questions about using eSIM for international data?

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