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Vodafone international calling and texting

Calling and texting abroad usually results in extra charges, even if you’re using an eSIM for data. Here’s what to expect with Vodafone …

Can I use my Vodafone phone internationally?


You can use your Vodafone phone number all over the world, but how much you’ll pay depends on where you’ll be travelling.


Vodafone roaming is charged based on ‘Zones,’ and there are four zones in total. Your plan will specify which zones are covered.


If you’re travelling somewhere that isn’t covered, you’ll be charged if you use your Vodafone plan — either for mobile data, phone calls, or SMS texts.

How much does roaming cost with my Vodafone Plan?


Prior to international travel, check your account details to see how many countries are included on your Vodafone Xtra plan.


If you’re a monthly Vodafone customer, you can travel around Zone A and won’t pay extra roaming fees.


If you have a Vodafone Xtra plan with roaming in 51 European countries, you can call and text within Zone A and Zone B at no extra charge.


If you have a Vodafone Xtra plan with roaming in 83 worldwide destinations, you can call and text within Zone A, Zone B, and Zone C at no extra charge.


No matter which Vodafone plan you have, you will pay extra to roam in Zone D.

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Should I get a Vodafone European Roaming pass?


If you’ll be travelling around Europe and your Vodafone plan doesn’t include roaming in Zone B, you have two options.


OPTION 1: You will be charged a daily rate for using your phone on vacation, and the charges will appear on your next Vodafone bill.


OPTION 2: You can add a Vodafone European Roaming pass for 8 days or 15 days, and this plan will allow you to use your phone at a cheaper rate. Check with Vodafone to learn more.

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Is there a way to call and text cheaper than that when I’m travelling?


There are plenty of ways to talk and text while you’re travelling internationally, if you’d rather not use your Vodafone SIM card.


Over either Wi-Fi or your eSIM data, iPhone users can rely on iMessage and FaceTime. There are also social media apps with messaging and calling.


Anyone can get a temporary phone number from Hushed for calling and texting over the internet on a private number.

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Should I keep my Vodafone number active while travelling?


Having your regular phone number active can be useful, especially if you’re worried about missing an emergency call or text while you’re on vacation.


But if people can reach you in other ways (iMessage, FaceTime, Hushed WhatsApp, etc.), it might make sense to toggle off your Vodafone eSIM while you travel, and rely on an eSIM (downloadable SIM card) instead.


Then you won’t pay any roaming fees, but you’ll still have a steady internet connection for all of your favorite apps.

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How do I pair eSIM data with Vodafone calling/texting?


1. Make sure you have a device that supports eSIM

2. Download the free aloSIM app

3. Buy and install an eSIM (digital SIM)

4. Make sure you are NOT already enrolled in a travel plan

5. Activate your prepaid data package


During activation, we’ll show you how to set your device preventing roaming charges on your Vodafone plan.

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