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How to avoid data roaming charges on your Google Pixel

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With the correct Google Pixel roaming settings and a prepaid travel data eSIM from aloSIM, you’ll have a steady data connection with no roaming fees.

Google Pixel roaming settings for travel

Once you’ve installed your eSIM and activated your data package, here are the settings to review if you want to make sure you’re using your eSIM for all data, while disabling your primary SIM to avoid data roaming, calling, and texting fees.

How to activate Google Pixel eSIM _ Primary SIM off if you don't want your phone number on

Your primary SIM should be OFF

If you don’t mind missing calls/texts while travelling internationally, you can save money by switching off your primary SIM entirely to avoid unwanted fees for individual calls and texts that occur in another country. 


Settings > Network & Internet >SIMs > Select your primary SIM > Toggle it OFF

How to activate Google Pixel eSIM _ eSIM on with Mobile data and roaming ON

Your eSIM should be ON, with 'Mobile data' and 'Roaming' toggled ON

You need to keep your eSIM toggled on during international travel if you want to use it for data, and you also need to make sure ‘Mobile data’ and ‘Roaming’ are both toggled on for your eSIM.


Settings > Network & internet > SIMs > Your eSIM should be ON, with ‘Mobile data’ ON and ‘Roaming’ ON

Samsung eSIM activation / Use Hushed for a temporary phone number

Consider using a vacation phone number

If you’d like a way to call and text affordably while you’re travelling, our sister app Hushed has real phone numbers that work over Wi-Fi or data (300+ area codes) starting at $2.99. You can get a free travel phone number FREE with many aloSIM data pacakges.


Download Hushed for your Google Pixel > Purchase data from aloSIM > Claim your free Hushed phone number 

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