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Where's my Deel code?

You’ll find your Deel code inside the marketplace, available exclusively to Deel customers. Create a free aloSIM account and enter your Deel code to save 10% on data for a full year.

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Frequently asked questions about aloSIM x Deel

  • How do I get my Deel discount code?

    You’ll find your Deel code inside the Deel marketplace, available exclusively to Deel customers. Log into Deel, go to the Marketplace, and select aloSIM.

  • How long is my discount code valid?

    You’ll have unlimited access to your 10% Deel discount for a full year. (The code may change during the course of the year, but you’ll always be able to log into your Deel account and see the current code.)

  • What if I don't have an aloSIM account?

    No account? No problem! You can create a free aloSIM account anytime. Then you can shop our web store, or download our free eSIM app on the App Store or Google Play.

  • What if I'm not a Deel customer?

    Not a Deel customer? You should definitely sign up.

    Deel is great for businesses because you can hire in 170+ countries without opening an entity, stay compliant with local tax and labor laws, and pay your global team with one bulk payment.

    If you’re a contractor, Deel lets you work compliantly from 150+ countries, automate your invoicing for every client, and avoid transfer fees with 7+ payment options.

  • Can anyone use an eSIM?

    As long as someone has an unlocked, eSIM-compatible device, they can use an eSIM to connect to data networks in 120+ countries. We have a neat eSIM compatibility tester that people can use if they’re sure they have a supported device.

  • Where can I learn more about aloSIM?

    Our eSIM blog answers everything from “What is eSIM?” and “How to buy eSIM online” to explaining exactly how to use eSIM for travel data. That’s a great place to start, if you’d like to learn more about when (and where) you might want to try prepaid eSIM data.

  • Is there a limit to how many times I can use this Deel?

    Nope! As long as you’re a Deel customer and you enter your super-secret Deel discount code, you’ll get 10% off all aloSIM purchases for a full year.

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