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  • Everyone gets affordable data, without roaming fees
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Sports travel made easier with eSIM

Travelling internationally with a sports team? Encourage everyone to stay connected affordably using eSIMs (downloadable SIM cards). Coaches and team members with eSIM-compatible devices can install local SIMs for 175+ countries for instant prepaid data without roaming charges.

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What is eSIM? Can our team members use it?

‘eSIM’ stands for ’embedded SIM,’ and these invisible SIM cards are perfect for international travel.

When a sports team arrives in a new country after a long flight or endless drive, the last thing everyone wants to do is mess with physical SIM cards.

Most newer phones already support eSIM technology. Before the trip, invite everyone to your aloSIM+ group so they can quickly install an eSIM for instant data when they arrive. They’ll enjoy steady internet with no roaming charges!

Who is using aloSIM+?

• School sports teams

• College/university sports teams

• Individual athletes and their families

• Professional sports teams

• Leisure sports teams

• Dance companies

• Cheerleading squads

Improve sports team travel communication with aloSIM+

Is aloSIM+ cheaper than using our regular mobile providers?

Depending on where you live, it’s typically $15-$20 per day to use your regular phone number and data using a carrier roaming plan.

If you use an eSIM instead, you connect directly to a local network in the country you’re visiting and get prepaid ‘local’ pricing for as low as 65 cents a day or $4.50 per week.

We encourage sports teams to sign up for a free aloSIM+ account. The coach or team manager can load it with credit, and all invited team members will have access to free data packages for the team trip.

Why can't our athletes just use Wi-Fi when we travel?

When you’re travelling internationally with a team, cost may be a factor for many of the athletes involved.

Some athletes may choose to leave their phone on Airplane Mode, which disables all SIM usage and lets them rely on free Wi-Fi when it’s available.

But this means athletes won’t be able to use their phones anywhere without Wi-Fi access, like driving around new cities and exploring the local sights. Many coaches and chaperones prefer to know they can reach their team members anytime, anywhere.

Improve sports team travel communication with aloSIM+

How much does aloSIM+ cost?

aloSIM+ is free to use. Your team won’t pay for anything, but the account owner (typically a coach, team captain, team manager, or a parent chaperone) can load the account with credit for the team members to use.

Streamlining everything to a single payment method means team members simply accept their invitation to join the team’s aloSIM+ group, use the aloSIM app to pick out a data package, and ‘charge’ it to the aloSIM+ account.

Improve sports team travel communication with aloSIM+

Why do teams love using aloSIM+?

Connection: Everyone can have internet access in 175+ countries

Affordability: Data starts at 65 cents a day or $4.50/week

Communication: Keep everyone on the team looped together via messaging or free international phone numbers

Fair access: aloSIM+ lets the account owner load data credit for everyone on the team to use, no one is left out

Safety: Team members always have data to call for rides, check schedules, or reach out if they need help

Sports team travel, simplified

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FAQs about aloSIM+ for sports travel

  • How do I get an aloSIM+ account?

    It takes less than a minute to sign up for aloSIM+ and invite team members to join your group. Then you’ll be able to load your account with aloSIM credit, and members can use the credit whenever they need prepaid data.

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  • Will eSIM work on everyone's phones or tablets?

    Most newer phones, tablets, and computers are already eSIM-compatible, but your team members can use our eSIM device checker to make sure they have a device that can accept an eSIM.

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  • Can we hotspot computers and other devices?

    Absolutely! Once you’re connected to a network with your eSIM, you can use the data connection however you’d like, including creating a hotspot for a laptop, tablet, or secondary phone.

  • Is setting up an eSIM complicated?

    We have detailed eSIM installation instructions for all compatible devices, so whether you’re looking to add eSIM data to an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or something else, we’ll be able to walk you through the eSIM set-up process easily.

    Installation guides
  • Can we still use our regular cell phone numbers?

    Yes, you can remain reachable on your regular phone number as long as your phone supports using two SIMs at once (primary SIM + travel eSIM). However, this can get expensive if you’re making a lot of phone calls or sending a lot of texts, and sometimes calls and texts trigger a daily $15-$20 carrier plan. We recommend checking with your carrier first to understand how you’ll be charged.

    Calling & Texting
  • Is there a cheaper way to call and text with eSIM?

    If you don’t *need* to use your regular phone number when you’re travelling with your team, there’s a much cheaper way to call and text. Most aloSIM data packages come with a free international phone number you can use instead.

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How do I use an eSIM?

Shop for an eSIM data package

Choose a data package

Shop in the free aloSIM app and choose from 175+ countries regions. Decide how much data you’d like for your trip.

Install the eSIM on any compatible device

Install the eSIM

Your aloSIM data purchase comes with a free SIM (downloadable SIM). Follow the instructions to install it on your device.

Activate your data package to connect to a network

Activate your package

Once you’re ready to use your data, follow the instructions to activate your package for an instant internet connection.

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Popular sports team plans

  • 7 Days 1 GB
    Nationwide eSIM data
    Mexico eSIM


  • 7 Days 1 GB
    Nationwide eSIM data
    United States eSIM

    United States

  • 7 Days 1 GB
    Nationwide eSIM data
    France eSIM


  • 7 Days 1 GB
    Nationwide eSIM data
    Canada eSIM


  • 7 Days 1 GB
    Nationwide eSIM data
    UK eSIM

    United Kingdom

  • 7 Days 1 GB
    Nationwide eSIM data
    Italy eSIM



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