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Go ahead … travel the world, never pay roaming charges

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How do I use aloSIM?

Keep the roaming fees away with affordable travel data from aloSIM.


Buy a data package

Choose where you’ll be travelling, how much data you’d like, and how long you need it to last.


Install your eSIM

It takes about two minutes to install your eSIM on a compatible phone or tablet. You’ll need a strong Wi-Fi or data connection for this step.


Activate your package

When you arrive at your destination (or right before you arrive), activate your prepaid data package so your phone can connect to a supported network as soon as it’s available.

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6635392643263-Install your eSIM
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Enjoy the benefits of eSIM


No roaming charges

Your eSIM will connect you directly to a local network at your destination, so you aren’t relying on your phone carrier from back home.

No surprise fees

All data packages are fully prepaid, so you can choose your budget ($5, $10, $20) and never have to worry about exceeding it.

Reliable mobile data

You’ll always have mobile data for maps, driving directions, email, messaging, ordering a ride-share, or making a reservation.

No need to hunt for
free public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous, since you never know who might hack into your device. Protect your privacy by sticking with prepaid eSIM data.

Use your regular 
phone number …

You can keep your primary SIM active so your regular phone number works on vacation. (Just be sure to toggle off Data Roaming.)

… or a free international number from Hushed

aloSIM data packages now come with free international phone numbers from our sister app, Hushed. Talk and text on a temporary phone number.

Need data for your

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here at aloSIM, we’re always happy to help! Our team is available 24/7 for support via email ( or live chat right here on this site.

Please reach out anytime if you have questions or need us to walk you through part of the process.

Technical Support

As long as you have an eSIM-compatible phone or tablet, you can install an eSIM (downloadable SIM card) and connect to a network.

Check your device