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Should I use my phone number for international calling and texting?

Tricky question! There are benefits with either option

If you’re new to international travel (or it’s just been a while since you’ve left the country), you probably haven’t thought much about international calling and texting, right?


It’s a personal decision whether you choose to leave your mobile phone number active while travelling, or disable it entirely until you’re back at home.


So we’ll explain what each option involves (and when you might incur extra costs), and then you can choose what’s best for your travel situation.

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If you leave your phone number active while you’re in another country …

USE YOUR PHONE NUMBER NORMALLY: You’ll have full access to calling, texting, and your regular contacts. If there’s an emergency, people back home can reach you on the number they know.


EXPECT CARRIER FEES: Your mobile carrier will likely charge you for active calling minutes and incoming/outgoing SMS text messages. (We’ll share more information on that on the next page.)


REMEMBER, THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN DATA ROAMING: You can avoid data roaming charges by using an eSIM for data, but your mobile carrier will likely still charge for international calling and texting.

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If you disable your phone number while you’re in another country…

NO INTERNATIONAL CALLING/TEXTING FEES: You won’t have to worry about your mobile carrier charging you for active calling minutes and incoming/outgoing SMS text messages.


NO ACCESS TO YOUR REGULAR PHONE NUMBER: Your regular phone number won’t work until you switch it back on, so you’ll need to make sure people know how to reach out in a different way, in case of emergencies.


YOU CAN USE A TEMPORARY PHONE NUMBER INSTEAD: Our sister app, Hushed, has temporary phone numbers in 300+ area codes, starting at just $1.99. Use them for calling, texting, and voicemail.

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Okay, so how do I decide?

If you’re not sure whether you should disable your regular phone number while travelling, here are a few questions to ask yourself …


1. Is there another way I can be reached, in the event of an emergency?


2. Am I travelling with someone who will have their regular phone number accessible, just in case?


3. Do I care about missing calls and texts while I’m travelling? Or am I okay with using social media or a temporary phone number instead?

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Do you want to keep your regular phone number active while traveling internationally?