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How to avoid data roaming charges on your iPhone

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You’ll never pay roaming fees by using a travel data eSIM from aloSIM and switching off your phone number to prevent calls and texts while you travel.

How to avoid data roaming charges on your iPhone

Once you’ve installed your eSIM and activated your data package, you can review these steps if you want to make sure you’re using your eSIM for data and that you’ve disabled your regular phone number to avoid roaming charges.

Turn off Primary SIM card

Your Primary SIM should be OFF

This is easier (and safer) than removing a physical SIM card, and it will fully disable your Primary SIM (phone number and/or data plan) while you’re in another country.


Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plans > Primary > Toggle Turn on This Line “OFF”

Turn Data Roaming ON for your eSIM

Your eSIM should be ON and roaming

We need your eSIM to be switched on and allowed to “roam” so we can automatically connect you to the best supported network at all times during your travels.


Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plans > Your eSIM > Turn Data Roaming “ON” and toggle Turn on This Line “ON”

Use your aloSIM eSIM for all data

Your eSIM should be your only data source

Even though you’ve already toggled off your Primary SIM, this setting tells your iPhone to only use your eSIM for data right now, and not to ever switch back and forth.


Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data > Select your eSIM and make sure “Allow Cellular Data Switching” stays “OFF”

iMessage eSIM settings

Make sure iMessage can use email

Since your phone number won’t be working while you travel, the only way to continue to send/receive iMessages is by making sure it can use your Apple ID email address.


Settings > Messages > iMessage > Make sure your Apple ID email address is checked off

FaceTime eSIM settings

Make sure FaceTime can use email

Just like with iMessage, you want it to be connected to your Apple ID (which will continue to work via Wi-Fi or your aloSIM data). Make sure FaceTime can use your Apple ID email address.


Settings > FaceTime > Make sure your Apple ID email address is checked off

Use a temporary phone number from Hushed

Consider using a vacation phone number

If you’d like a way to call and text affordably while you’re travelling, our sister app Hushed has real phone numbers that work over Wi-Fi or data (300+ area codes) starting at $1.99.


Download Hushed for your iPhone > Choose a phone number > Select a plan for calling and texting

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