How to use eSIM while travelling


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


Imagine cruising to a stop at your airport gate in another country, unbuckling your seatbelt, taking your device off airplane mode, and poof! You’re already connected to the local network.

It may sound like a fairy tale for weary travellers in search of a signal (and maybe a shower), but it’s becoming a daily reality for many travellers.

You see, not too long ago, tech-savvy travellers used to pick up physical SIM cards in every new country they visited. It’s a system that works okay, but it can be annoying (and risky) to mess around with those precious little pieces of plastic. It can also delay your connectivity, since you usually can’t get your paws on a local SIM card until you’re there to purchase it in person.

Thankfully, there’s now a much better way!

An eSIM is a software-based version of a traditional SIM card. Using eSIM technology while travelling makes it easier than ever to stay connected while enjoying local rates (and no more hideous roaming charges) all by purchasing a mobile data plan for a specific location.

Best of all, you don’t need to mess around with the physical components of your phone — it can all be done with a few taps on the screen. eSIM technology is already built into many new smart devices (check out our full list of eSIM compatible devices if you’re curious which ones are included).

eSIM technology is already available in almost 200 countries, with many providers jumping aboard as more people want to take advantage of this convenient service. 

The beauty is in the ease of the back-and-forth switch between your “real” SIM and the eSIMs you use while travelling. Swapping profiles takes seconds, and there’s no risk of losing a physical SIM card. (Those tiny suckers are far too easy to get lost in a jammed suitcase or dropped on the street without a sound.)

Ready to hit the road (or the sky)? Here are our five easy steps to using eSIM while travelling … 

1. Choose your new eSIM package.

Here at aloSIM, we specialize in helping you get set up with the right data plan for your needs. Depending on where you’ll be travelling, you might want a regional eSIM plan versus one meant for one specific country. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally going over your limit, and the plans are flexible so you can purchase exactly what you need.

2. Activate your new eSIM.

We’ve got detailed instructions here, if this is your first rodeo with eSIM technology, but we promise it’s easy to do. Remember, you won’t be messing with any of your phone’s physical components — just changing a couple of settings. You can have it fully activated ahead of time, and just switch it on when you arrive at your destination.

3. Call, text, and browse like a local using eSIM for travelling.

This is the most fun step, no doubt. Your phone will work normally, and you’ll get to take advantage of sweet local rates while you’re travelling. Go ahead, use your phone!

4. Switch back once you return home.

When your plane touches down, it will take you a couple of seconds, tops, to switch back to your primary SIM. No messing around needed — just a few taps of the screen using our instructions.

5. Relax when your next mobile bill arrives.

This is the most satisfying step. No more post-travel regret when you realize it cost how much, OMG, just to make a few phone calls while you were away, using your primary SIM. Your mobile bill looks exactly like always because you were smart and used a local eSIM. Nicely done, friend!

Curious about how eSIM technology could work for you on your next trip? Chat with aloSIM about local and regional eSIM service.