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Android roaming settings for international travel

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With the correct Android roaming settings and a prepaid travel data eSIM from aloSIM, you’ll have a steady data connection with no roaming fees.

Android roaming settings for international travel

Once you’ve installed your eSIM on your Android phone or tablet and activated your data package, follow these steps to make sure you’re using your eSIM for data while keeping your regular phone number active.


Keep your Primary SIM on

You need to keep your Primary SIM (phone number) active during international travel if you plan on using your phone number for calling and texting.


Prevent your Primary SIM from using data

It’s important to keep your regular SIM active, while still preventing it from being used for data (especially roaming data) while you’re travelling. Switch off all Data Roaming and Mobile Data.


Turn on your eSIM

You need to keep your eSIM toggled on during international travel if you want to use it for data. Go into your device settings and make sure your eSIM is showing “on” or “active.”


Enable your eSIM for all data

Your eSIM needs to be able to “roam” on new networks to provide data in a new country, so make sure “Mobile data” and/or “Roaming” are toggled on for your eSIM and that it’s your only data source.

Activate iPhone eSIM and use your regular phone number

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You’ll be using your eSIM for all mobile data, but if you leave your Android’s Primary SIM active, your home carrier may charge for active calling minutes and texts that occur internationally.


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Congratulations! Once you’ve correctly followed the steps above, your carrier can’t charge data roaming fees. But using your phone number might result in carrier fees for each call/text. We can provide more details based on your carrier.

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