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Vodafone Fiji



获取 Fiji eSIM flag

可下载带有预付费数据的 Fiji SIM 卡

  • 预付费数据仅需 $7.50
  • 包括免费的国际电话号码。了解更多。
  • 无意外费用或漫游费
  • 即将访问 Fiji 使用 Fiji eSIM(可下载 SIM 卡)和本地数据流量,每周只需 $7.50 即可省钱。
  • 获取廉价数据: 在您的手机上安装 Fiji eSIM 并激活数据包,即可在 Fiji 的任何地方享受稳定的互联网连接,而无需 Wi-Fi。
  • 绝不支付漫游费: 通过关闭主 SIM 卡的数据漫游或完全关闭主 SIM 卡,可以避免运营商漫游费用。需要帮忙? 我们 24/7 全天候提供服务。


  • 支持的网络:Vodafone Fiji
  • 预期速度:LTE
  • 限制:完全不受限制的数据
  • 数据充值可用:是的
  • 热点/网络共享:是的
  • 所需身份证件/文件:不
  • 电话号码:包含在购买中

How does our Fiji eSIM work?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card, and you probably already have an eSIM-compatible device. When you install an eSIM for a country or region, it lets your device connect to local networks in that area. This means your device will have data without needing Wi-Fi or paying roaming charges.


获取 aloSIM 应用程序

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Use a Fiji eSIM for instant travel data

With more than 300 islands, this small country in the South Pacific is known for its pristine beaches, sparkling water, and luxurious spas and resorts.

When you visit Fiji, you’ll want to access mobile data wherever you go. A Fiji eSIM is the perfect solution to stay online without having to worry about Wi-Fi availability.

A Fiji eSIM allows you to access local mobile data on your phone whenever it’s needed.

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How much travel data do I need with my Fiji eSIM?

Your data requirements in Fiji largely depend on your travel plans and personal usage. If you plan on enjoying the tropical outdoors and exploring the pristine beaches, you can’t rely on Wi-Fi availability.

The best thing about a Fiji eSIM is that it comes with flexible data plans, so you can start with a smaller package and top up as needed.

We also have a travel data calculator to help you estimate how much data you’ll need for your trip.

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Will I pay roaming charges with a prepaid eSIM for Fiji?

Not at all. A Fiji eSIM is an affordable option that helps you save on roaming charges. With a Fiji eSIM, you won’t pay any roaming charges because it connects you directly to a local network.

To avoid roaming charges on your primary SIM, please make sure you’ve turned off Data Roaming on your primary SIM (and confirmed you aren’t enrolled in a carrier travel plan) to prevent your home carrier from adding roaming charges to your next bill.

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Fiji eSIM data starting at $7.50


Travel Fiji with a digital SIM card

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Explore top attractions in Fiji

While most people know Fiji for its beautiful beaches and shorelines, this country has much more to offer. There are cultural attractions and historical sites to explore on every island.

Mamanuca Islands: Known for exciting water sports like snorkelling, sailing, and surfing, this island is home to beautiful tropical resorts.

Bouma National Heritage Park: Located on Taveuni Island, this national park is spread across 168 square miles. Here, you can visit spectacular waterfalls and enjoy activities like bird-watching, swimming and snorkeling.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant: This garden is located in the foothills of the Nausori Highlands. The unique local plants and tropical flowers showcase the natual beauty of Fiji.

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Popular foods to try in Fiji

Traditional Fiji cooking is typically done on an open fire using basic ingredients like sweet potatoes, rice, coconut, and fish. Here are some Fijian dishes that you may want to try.

Kokoda: This is the national dish of Fiji and is typically a raw fish ceviche marinated in lime and served in coconut or bamboo shells.

Taro: Similar to yams or potatoes, taros are a staple of Fiji cuisine. These are a versatile food that can be mashed, baked, fried and served in various ways.

Topoi: A sweet-tasting Fijian dumpling made with sugar, cassava, coconut and cream.

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What’s the best time to visit Fiji?

One of the best things about visiting Fiji is that you can experience the same warm climate all year long. While there are wet and dry seasons, the weather in Fiji is beautiful.

October to December: This is the spring season in Fiji when you can expect daily sun showers. Fiji Day in October and New Year’s celebrations are the highlights of this season.

January to March: These are the summer months in Fiji where you will find wet weather. This time of year is great for exploring the cultural sites of the islands and enjoying your resort amenities.

April to September: The fall months are cooler and an ideal time to enjoy popular festivals like the World Music Festival and the International Jazz Festival.

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What to pack for a Fiji vacation

While enjoying your dream vacation in Fiji, you won’t want to forget anything. Here are some essentials to bring along on your trip.

A Waterproof Camera: Since you’ll be spending most of your time in or around water in Fiji, having a waterproof camera comes in handy to snap great pictures.

Flip-Flops: To spend a relaxing time at the beach, bring along a pair of comfortable flip-flops.

Fijian Dollars: You will need Fijian dollars at remote locations where credit and debit cards won’t work.

FAQs about using a Fiji eSIM

Check my device

Most newer phones, tablets, and computers are already eSIM-compatible, so use our eSIM device checker to make sure you have a device that can accept an eSIM.

Free Wi-Fi is great when it’s available, safe, and working well, but some destinations make it just about impossible to get a good connection. That’s why it’s nice to have data as a backup to stay connected.

We’re proud to provide aloSIM customers with fast eSIM data connections that allow them to talk, text, surf, and stream comfortably. You’ll likely experience a 4G (sometimes 5G) or LTE equivalent network in most locations, depending on what’s available in the area.

Installation guides

We have detailed eSIM installation instructions for all compatible devices, so whether you’re looking to add eSIM data to an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or something else, we’ll be able to walk you through the eSIM set-up process easily.

How to avoid roaming charges

It can be confusing to know the best roaming settings for your phone while you travel internationally, so we’ve created an easy walk-through guide to show you exactly how your phone’s roaming settings should look.

Explore Fiji with aloSIM data



Our eSIM data packages are prepaid, so you always know exactly what you’ll spend on data. No contracts, no surprises, and never any roaming charges.



You’ll have full access to your regular phone number for calling and texting, and you can add data to your device whenever you need it. No in-store visits required!

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Only buy what you need! If you’re not sure how much data you’ll need, start with a 1 GB package. You can always top up your eSIM with more data later.