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Orange Belgium, Proximus PLC, Base



获取 Belgium eSIM flag

可下载带有预付费数据的 Belgium SIM 卡

  • 预付费数据仅需 $4.50
  • 包括免费的国际电话号码。了解更多。
  • 无意外费用或漫游费
  • 即将访问 Belgium 使用 Belgium eSIM(可下载 SIM 卡)和本地数据流量,每周只需 $4.50 即可省钱。
  • 获取廉价数据: 在您的手机上安装 Belgium eSIM 并激活数据包,即可在 Belgium 的任何地方享受稳定的互联网连接,而无需 Wi-Fi。
  • 绝不支付漫游费: 通过关闭主 SIM 卡的数据漫游或完全关闭主 SIM 卡,可以避免运营商漫游费用。需要帮忙? 我们 24/7 全天候提供服务。


  • 支持的网络:Orange Belgium, Proximus PLC, Base
  • 预期速度:LTE
  • 限制:完全不受限制的数据
  • 数据充值可用:是的
  • 热点/网络共享:是的
  • 所需身份证件/文件:不
  • 电话号码:包含在购买中

Europe 区域计划中包含的 Belgium 数据

How does a Belgium eSIM work?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card, and you probably already have an eSIM-compatible device. When you install an eSIM for a country or region, it lets your device connect to local networks in that area. This means your device will have data without needing Wi-Fi or paying roaming charges.


获取 aloSIM 应用程序

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Use a Belgium eSIM to stay connected

Belgium is known around the world as the “Diamond Capital of the World” for its extensive global diamond trade. This European destination is also famous for its castles, varieties of local beer, and, of course, its rich Belgian chocolates!

If you’re jetting off to Belgium anytime soon, you may be worried about staying connected with your loved ones back home. That’s where a Belgium eSIM can help! It will give your phone access to local data to stay online when there isn’t Wi-Fi availability.

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How much travel data do I need with my Belgium eSIM?

How much travel data you may need in Belgium will depend on your activities once you step out of your hotel and lose access to Wi-Fi. While sightseeing, you may want to browse information online or upload pictures on any social media app, this will require data!

Luckily, with a Belgium eSIM, you will always have immediate access to data wherever you are! You can start with a basic data plan and add more if it’s needed.

We also have a travel data calculator to help you estimate how much data you’ll need for your trip.

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Will I pay roaming charges with an eSIM for Belgium?

Not at all! When you’re using a Belgium eSIM for data, you’re telling your device NOT to “roam.” Your Belgium eSIM will connect your device to a local network, giving you prepaid data to use during your trip. 

(Make sure you’ve turned off Data Roaming on your Primary SIM to prevent your home carrier from adding roaming charges to your next bill).

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Belgium eSIM data starting at $4.50


Enjoy your Belgium vacation

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Explore top attractions in Belgium

The small country of Belgium is home to a wealth of historical landmarks, cultural hubs, and breathtaking landscapes. Here are some must-visit sites.

Atomium: One of Brussels’ most iconic sights, this unique landmark was originally built in 1958 for the Brussels World’s Fair.

Grote Markt (The Grand Place): The best way to enjoy this picturesque town square is on foot! It’s located in the center of Brussels’ old city quarter, which is home to a lavish city hall, restaurants, and cafés.

Gravensteen: This medieval fortress is surrounded by a fortified, oval-shaped battlement and features lovely hallways, narrow tower staircases, and high ceiling rooms.

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Popular foods to try in Belgium

Get ready to fall in love with Belgian cuisine by trying these three tasty dishes on your trip.

Frietjes/Frites: These Belgian fries are thicker and double-fried to a beautiful crisp, golden color, so don’t expect them to be like “French fries.”

Waterzooi: This hearty, creamy chicken or fish stew with a thickened vegetable broth, and an egg yolk on top will warm you up during the chilly winters of Belgium.

Filet Américain (Steak Tartare): This popular dish features raw ground beef, with the addition of parsley, egg yolk, raw or pickled onion, or Tabasco sauce to enhance the flavor.

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What’s the best time to visit Belgium?

Belgium is a year-round vacation spot, pick your travel time based on what you hope to do and see!

July and August: Summers are ideal for visiting the coastal beaches in Belgium. Popular music festivals like the Brussels Summer Festival, the Ghent Festival, and Tomorrowland can also be enjoyed this time of year.

September to November: Lesser crowds and lower costs can be found in the fall season, along with exciting festivals like the Flanders Film Festival in Ghent. Also, this is a great time to head to the Ardennes Forest to enjoy the fresh air and natural landscapes of Belgium.

December to February: In the winter, head inland to cross-country ski in the Ardennes or ice skate on the frozen lakes and canals in cities like Bruges and Ghent. And don’t miss the famous Brussels Christmas Market!

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What to pack for a vacation to Belgium?

When visiting Belgium, don’t overpack! Here is a list of items you may consider taking with you on your trip to Belgium.

Filtration Water Bottle: As it filters out harmful bacteria, this bottle is especially great for travel!

Waterproof Shoes: Belgium gets rain throughout the year, particularly in the spring and fall. Be sure your shoes or sneakers have a rugged bottom and are waterproof so you’ll stay dry and won’t slip.

Body Wipes: Since you’ll probably be busy and on-the-go while in Belgium, these body wipes will help you to feel clean and fresh.

FAQs about using a Belgium eSIM

Check my device

Most newer phones, tablets, and computers are already eSIM-compatible, so use our eSIM device checker to make sure you have a device that can accept an eSIM.

Free Wi-Fi is great when it’s available, safe, and working well, but some destinations make it just about impossible to get a good connection. That’s why it’s nice to have data as a backup to stay connected.

We’re proud to provide aloSIM customers with fast eSIM data connections that allow them to talk, text, surf, and stream comfortably. You’ll likely experience a 4G (sometimes 5G) or LTE equivalent network in most locations, depending on what’s available in the area.

Installation guides

We have detailed eSIM installation instructions for all compatible devices, so whether you’re looking to add eSIM data to an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or something else, we’ll be able to walk you through the eSIM set-up process easily.

How to avoid roaming charges

It can be confusing to know the best roaming settings for your phone while you travel internationally, so we’ve created an easy walk-through guide to show you exactly how your phone’s roaming settings should look.