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प्रीपेड डेटा के साथ डाउनलोड करने योग्य Bahrain सिम कार्ड

अभी खरीदें
  • प्रीपेड डेटा मात्र $5.00 से शुरू
  • एक निःशुल्क अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फ़ोन नंबर शामिल है।. अधिक जानकारी।
  • कोई आश्चर्य शुल्क या रोमिंग शुल्क नहीं
  • जल्द ही Bahrain पर जा रहे हैं? केवल $5.00 प्रति सप्ताह से शुरू होने वाले स्थानीय डेटा के साथ एक Bahrain eSIM (डाउनलोड करने योग्य सिम कार्ड) से पैसे बचाएं।
  • सस्ता डेटा प्राप्त करें: अपने फोन पर एक Bahrain eSIM इंस्टॉल करें और वाई-फाई की आवश्यकता के बिना, Bahrain में कहीं भी स्थिर इंटरनेट कनेक्शन का आनंद लेने के लिए अपने डेटा पैकेज को सक्रिय करें।
  • कभी भी रोमिंग शुल्क का भुगतान न करें: अपने प्राथमिक सिम के लिए डेटा रोमिंग को बंद करके या अपने प्राथमिक सिम को पूरी तरह से बंद करके वाहक रोमिंग शुल्क से बचें। मदद की ज़रूरत है? हम 24/7 उपलब्ध हैं।

फ़ोन अनुकूलता की जाँच करें

  • समर्थित नेटवर्क: zain BH
  • अपेक्षित गति: LTE/5G
  • सीमाएँ: पूरी तरह से अनियंत्रित डेटा
  • डेटा टॉप-अप उपलब्ध है: हाँ
  • हॉटस्पॉट / टेथरिंग: हाँ
  • आईडी/दस्तावेज़ आवश्यक है: नहीं
  • फ़ोन नंबर: अधिकांश खरीदारी में शामिल है

How does our Bahrain eSIM work?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card, and you probably already have an eSIM-compatible device. When you install an eSIM for a country or region, it lets your device connect to local networks in that area. This means your device will have data without needing Wi-Fi or paying roaming charges.


aloSIM ऐप प्राप्त करें और अपना निःशुल्क फ़ोन नंबर चुनें


Use a Bahrain eSIM to stay connected

Bahrain is a small island country on the Persian Gulf, famous for its tall skyscrapers, desert towns, and scuba diving destinations.

While you explore this hub of cultural curiosities, you’ll want to share your travel experiences with your friends and family. That’s where a Bahrain eSIM can help you out.

By connecting to a local network, a Bahrain eSIM gives you access to data all throughout your travels.


How much travel data do I need in Bahrain?

Your data needs in Bahrain will mostly depend on your travel plans. If you’re planning to explore the outdoors and go sightseeing, you will want access to data on the go.

What makes a Bahrain eSIM a perfect choice is that it’s available in affordable and flexible data plans. You can buy a plan with a lesser amount of data and top up when it’s needed.

We also have a travel data calculator to help you estimate how much data you’ll need for your trip.


Will I pay roaming charges with a Bahrain eSIM?

Not at all. A Bahrain eSIM directly connects your smart device to a local network and gives you access to prepaid data, so there is no need to roam.

Please make sure you’ve turned off Data Roaming on your primary SIM (and confirmed you aren’t enrolled in a carrier travel plan) to prevent your home carrier from adding roaming charges to your next bill.


Bahrain eSIM data starting at $7.50


Travel Bahrain with a digital SIM card


Explore top attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain has over 50 natural islands, beautiful mosques and museums, and stunning architectural buildings. Here are some key attractions you won’t want to miss.

Bahrain International Circuit: This is a major attraction for Formula 1 fans. You can enjoy a tour of the track and get up close and personal with these incredible race cars.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque: It’s the largest mosque in Bahrain where you can learn and explore the history of Islam. The interior and exterior of the mosque are beautiful examples of Islamic culture.

Tree of Life: This is a 100-year-old ancient tree in the middle of an open desert space. Many tourists come to visit this historic tree and camp in the surrounding area.


Popular foods to try in Bahrain

Food in Bahrain is inspired by many different cultures including Arabic, Persian, and Indian. You can experience an assortment of tastes in Bahrain cuisine. Here are some recommendations.

Machboos: A staple in Bahrain, this is a rice dish full of flavors and spicy meats. Every home and restaurant has its own recipe, giving machboos a variety of styles.

Luqaimat: These are sweet and crunchy bite-size dumplings made of flour, yeast, saffron and sugar. Deep-fried and served with date syrup is the most popular way to enjoy luqaimat.

Sharbat Zafran: This is a sweet saffron drink that has many health benefits. This drink can be enjoyed with every meal and is often served chilled.


What’s the best time to visit Bahrain?

Bahrain’s climate is similar to that of a desert, with mild winters and hot summers. The best time to visit Bahrain is when temperatures are cooler, making conditions more pleasant for sightseeing and travelling.

October to December: This is the perfect time to visit Bahrain as these months are a little cooler. The evenings are comfortable and the sky is clear, so you can enjoy your time exploring the outdoors.

January to March: This is the winter season in Bahrain. While the days are pleasant, the nights may get cold. Also, be prepared for mild rainfall during this time.

June to September: This is the season of extreme heat and humidity. But, this is the time when you can enjoy lesser crowds and discounted rates for travel and accommodations.


What to pack for a Bahrain vacation

No matter what season you choose to enjoy Bahrain, these essentials will come in handy.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle: When in Bahrain, you’ll be exploring the country in hot weather. Keep refilling your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

Sunglasses & Sun Hat: Your sun protection accessories are a must to keep you safe from the sun in Bahrain.

Comfortable Shoes: Whether you’re hiking, enjoying outdoor activities or walking along the beach, you’ll want to make sure your shoes are the perfect fit.

FAQs about using a Bahrain eSIM

Check my device

Most newer phones, tablets, and computers are already eSIM-compatible, so use our eSIM device checker to make sure you have a device that can accept an eSIM.

Free Wi-Fi is great when it’s available, safe, and working well, but some destinations make it just about impossible to get a good connection. That’s why it’s nice to have data as a backup to stay connected.

We’re proud to provide aloSIM customers with fast eSIM data connections that allow them to talk, text, surf, and stream comfortably. You’ll likely experience a 4G (sometimes 5G) or LTE equivalent network in most locations, depending on what’s available in the area.

Installation guides

We have detailed eSIM installation instructions for all compatible devices, so whether you’re looking to add eSIM data to an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or something else, we’ll be able to walk you through the eSIM set-up process easily.

How to avoid roaming charges

It can be confusing to know the best roaming settings for your phone while you travel internationally, so we’ve created an easy walk-through guide to show you exactly how your phone’s roaming settings should look.