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可下载带有预付费数据的 Germany SIM 卡

  • 预付费数据仅需 $5.00
  • 包括免费的国际电话号码。了解更多。
  • 无意外费用或漫游费
  • 即将访问 Germany 使用 Germany eSIM(可下载 SIM 卡)和本地数据流量,每周只需 $5.00 即可省钱。
  • 获取廉价数据: 在您的手机上安装 Germany eSIM 并激活数据包,即可在 Germany 的任何地方享受稳定的互联网连接,而无需 Wi-Fi。
  • 绝不支付漫游费: 通过关闭主 SIM 卡的数据漫游或完全关闭主 SIM 卡,可以避免运营商漫游费用。需要帮忙? 我们 24/7 全天候提供服务。


  • 支持的网络:Telefonica O2, Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
  • 预期速度:LTE
  • 限制:完全不受限制的数据
  • 数据充值可用:是的
  • 热点/网络共享:是的
  • 所需身份证件/文件:不
  • 电话号码:包含在购买中

Europe 区域计划中包含的 Germany 数据

How does eSIM work?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card, and you probably already have an eSIM-compatible device. When you install an eSIM for a country or region, it lets your device connect to local networks in that area. This means your device will have data without needing Wi-Fi or paying roaming charges.

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Use a Germany eSIM to stay connected

Germany is one of the most-visited countries in Europe, and this popular destination is known for its local beer, festivals, and diverse culture.

Are you hoping to share your travel pictures and experiences with friends and family back home? Use a Germany eSIM to access fast, reliable mobile data without waiting in line, negotiating with your cell carrier, or fussing with physical SIM cards.


How much travel data do I need in Germany?

How much data you may need during a trip to Germany will depend on a few factors.

First off, how much time will you be spending near a reliable Wi-Fi connection? You’re probably going to need data for driving (or walking) directions using a maps app, so you can find your way to the Berlin Wall or the Rhine Valley. You’ll also likely need data when you want to have a video call or share photos with your friends and family back home.

This is where a Germany eSIM comes to your rescue! Your flexible eSIM data package will let you stay connected anywhere you travel within Germany, without needing Wi-Fi.

(Oh, and did we mention you’ll have full access to your regular phone number the whole time? Because that’s pretty useful.)


Will I pay roaming charges with a Germany eSIM?

Nein! You won’t pay any roaming charges! Once activated, your Germany eSIM will connect your device to a local German network, just as if you were a full-time resident.

You won’t have to deal with any roaming fees because your phone will exclusively be using your aloSIM eSIM data. (Just be sure to disable Data Roaming on your Primary SIM card, so your carrier back home isn’t trying to connect you.)


Germany eSIM data starting at $5


Enjoy your Germany vacation


Explore top Germany attractions

Visitors from all over the world are attracted to Germany’s natural beauty and historic architecture. There is so much to see and do in Germany!

Brandenburg Gate: A symbol of peace constructed in Berlin along Pariser Platz on the order of Prussian King Frederick William II. This monument has a significant historical background and is worth a visit!

Cologne Cathedral: One of the most significant pilgrimage churches in Europe and the most visited cathedral for art lovers. The ornate sculptures and Gothic style are reasons why this location is a World Heritage Site.

The Black Forest: A beautiful area with rolling hills, charming villages, and lush evergreen trees that attracts thousands of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts every year!


Popular foods to try in Germany

Germany is a food hub, with each region known for its own distinct traditions, flavors and local dishes. So channel your inner Augustus Gloop and get ready to chow down!

Sauerkraut: Cooked cabbage that has been boiled, fermented and salted is often found on top of a bratwurst at an Oktoberfest celebration! Known as kraut, this is a popular side-dish found on most restaurant menus.

Schweinshaxe: Paired with cabbage and potatoes, this dish involves roasting a marinated pork hock for several hours at a low heat until the tender meat falls from the bone.

Strudel: This flaky layered pastry is often filled with a sweet apple mixture and is enjoyed by many locals and visitors in the regions of Germany.


What’s the best time to visit Germany?

The best time to visit Germany depends on the best weather for what you have in mind while you travel. Maybe it’s visiting museums, enjoying the outdoors or taking part in one of the many local festivals.

June through August: These are considered the busiest months when the days are full of sunshine, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities. This season is Ideal for hiking and enjoying a meal on a restaurant patio.

October and November: An ideal time if you want to stay away from busy crowds as the weather begins to get cooler. Perfect for attending festivals and events.

December and January: This is the quietest time of the year in Germany. You might want to explore the famous Christmas markets or take part in the many winter sports available during this season.


What to pack for a vacation to Germany

Get ready for a wide range of activities, from sporting events to exploring the many different German attractions. But don’t forget to pack these travel essentials!

Umbrella: A waterproof travel umbrella is handy to have in Germany, as you’ll spend a significant amount of time exploring the outdoors. The weather is fairly varied and you could see bright sunshine and showers on the same day!

Pashmina: This can be used to cover your shoulders when you enter a religious building or to dress up an outfit when you head out for the night.

First Aid kit: When travelling you never know what can happen, it’s always good to be prepared with a travel-sized kit that contains the essentials!

FAQs about eSIM in Germany

Check your device

Most newer phones, tablets, and computers are already eSIM-compatible, so use our eSIM device checker to make sure you have a device that can accept an eSIM data plan.

Free Wi-Fi is great when it’s available and working well, but some destinations make it just about impossible to get a good connection. That’s why it’s nice to have data as a backup to stay connected.

We’re proud to provide aloSIM customers with fast eSIM data connections that allow them to talk, text, surf, and stream comfortably. You’ll likely experience a 4G (sometimes 5G) or LTE equivalent network in most locations, depending on what’s available in the area.

Installation guides

An eSIM is easy to install and activate. We have detailed eSIM installation instructions for all compatible devices, so whether you’re looking to add eSIM data to an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or something else, we’ll be able to walk you through the eSIM set-up process easily.

Enjoy Germany with aloSIM data



Our eSIM data packages are prepaid, so you always know exactly what you’ll spend on data. No contracts, no surprises, and never any roaming charges.



You’ll have full access to your regular phone number for calling and texting, and you can add data to your device whenever you need it. No in-store visits required!

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Only buy what you need! If you’re not sure how much data you’ll need, start with a 1 GB package. You can always top up your eSIM with more data later.