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بطاقة SIM Portugal قابلة للتنزيل مع بيانات مدفوعة مسبقًا

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بيانات مسبقة الدفع تبدأ من $4.50 فقط

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هل ستزور Portugal قريبًا؟ يمكنك توفير المال باستخدام شريحة eSIM (بطاقة SIM قابلة للتنزيل) من Portugal مع بيانات محلية تبدأ من $4.50 فقط في الأسبوع.

احصل على بيانات رخيصة: قم بتثبيت شريحة eSIM Portugal على هاتفك وقم بتفعيل باقة البيانات الخاصة بك لتستمتع باتصال إنترنت ثابت في أي مكان في Portugal، دون الحاجة إلى شبكة Wi-Fi.

لا تدفع أبدًا رسوم التجوال: تجنب رسوم تجوال مشغل شبكة الجوال عن طريق إيقاف تشغيل تجوال البيانات لبطاقة SIM الأساسية، أو إيقاف تشغيل بطاقة SIM الأساسية بالكامل. تحتاج مساعدة؟ نحن متواجدون 24/7.

التحقق من توافق الهاتف

الشبكات المدعومة: NOS Portugal

السرعات المتوقعة: LTE/5G

القيود: البيانات غير المقيدة بالكامل

تعبئة البيانات متاحة: نعم

نقطة اتصال / الربط: نعم

الهوية / الوثائق المطلوبة: لا

رقم التليفون: متضمنة مع الشراء

بيانات Portugal المضمنة في الخطة الإقليمية لـ Europe, Western Europe.

How does eSIM work?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card, and you probably already have an eSIM-compatible device. When you install an eSIM for a country or region, it lets your device connect to local networks in that area. This means your device will have data without needing Wi-Fi or paying roaming charges.

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Use a Portugal eSIM to stay connected

Portugal is an incredibly charming country, known for its rich history, natural landscapes, and beautiful sights.

It’s a nation with festivals and activities that celebrate Portugal’s long-standing traditions and culture.

During your travels, you will want to stay connected with your family and friends back home. For great connectivity at an affordable price, switch to a Portugal eSIM and enjoy smooth data services throughout your trip.


How much travel data do I need in Portugal?

Once you leave the hotel and are no longer connected to Wi-Fi, your activities and excursions will influence how much data you may need.

Whether you want to browse information about different attractions or video chat with your friends while enjoying the sights, you will need data!

Luckily, a Portugal eSIM offers customized data plans with great coverage that will keep you connected wherever you are.


Will I pay roaming charges with a Portugal eSIM?

Not at all! When you connect with a Portugal eSIM, it instantly links your device to a local network, which allows you to access prepaid data on your device.

It’s time to relax and enjoy because there are no hidden fees or roaming charges.

(Just ensure you disable Data Roaming on your Primary SIM card to avoid being charged any roaming fees on the next bill).


Portugal eSIM data starting at $5


Enjoy your Portugal vacation


Explore top Portugal attractions

It doesn’t matter where you decide to spend your weekend or holiday in Portugal; there is always something fun and exciting happening! Learn about some of the top attractions below.

Castelo de S. Jorge: One of Lisbon’s major tourist attractions, this historic building is know as “Lisbon’s Castle.” Climb to the top of one of the castle’s towers and enjoy incredible views of the city!

Paiva Walkways: Located in central Portugal, this elevated walkway offers a beautiful trail through the Arouca Geopark.

Peneda-Geres National Park: A mountain reserve located in northern Portugal with an incredible variety of winding trails and natural beauty. Explore the ancient Roman roads and hidden villages when you visit this park.


Popular foods to try in Portugal

Many regional Portuguese dishes have an emphasis on fresh seafood, homemade breads and local spices that are enjoyed by everyone who visits.

Caldo Verde: This distinctive green cabbage soup is very popular and is served along with a mix of local Portuguese olive oil, potato puree, and slices of chouriço sausage.

Bacalhau: Prepared with eggs, potatoes, garlic, olives, and finely diced codfish, which is then sprinkled with chopped herbs before serving.

Polenta: Typically served with a meat sauce and sliced cheese, this cornmeal-based dish can be garnished with gorgonzola or fried peppers, onions, and sausage.

Sardinas Asadas: Fresh sardines are roasted over an open flame, developing a smoky, crispy flavor on the outside and tender white meat inside.


What’s the best time to visit Portugal?

The summer months in Portugal have the most favorable weather. But depending on your travel plans, all the seasons offer great options!

April and May: You’ll have warm weather and lots of sunshine while you enjoy outdoor activities like biking and hiking.

June through August: This is one of the nicest times to visit Portugal. With a number of vibrant outdoor festivities and beautiful beaches, summer in Portugal is always fun!

November through February: Avoid the crowds and take advantage of incredible deals on your accomodations! Many attractions have limited hours but the main cities and larger towns have a full entertainment schedule.


What to pack for a vacation to Portugal

Don’t forget to pack these important items so you can take advantage of Portugal’s top vacation experiences!

Portuguese dictionary and guide: This will help you to read instructions, chat with the locals, and order traditional dishes from a restaurant menu.

Swimwear: If you’re planning to visit one of the beautiful beaches, don’t forget to carry your swimsuit, sunglasses, and make sure to include sunscreen, too!

Refillable water bottle: Portugal’s summers can get very hot! Having a refillable water bottle will help to keep you hydrated during your trip.

FAQs about eSIM in Portugal

Check your device

Most newer phones, tablets, and computers are already eSIM-compatible, so use our eSIM device checker to make sure you have a device that can accept an eSIM data plan.

Free Wi-Fi is great when it’s available and working well, but some destinations make it just about impossible to get a good connection. That’s why it’s nice to have data as a backup to stay connected.

We’re proud to provide aloSIM customers with fast eSIM data connections that allow them to talk, text, surf, and stream comfortably. You’ll likely experience a 4G (sometimes 5G) or LTE equivalent network in most locations, depending on what’s available in the area.

Installation guides

We have detailed eSIM installation instructions for all compatible devices, so whether you’re looking to add eSIM data to an iPhone or iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung, or something else, we’ll be able to walk you through the eSIM set-up process easily.

Enjoy Portugal with aloSIM data



Our eSIM data packages are prepaid, so you always know exactly what you’ll spend on data. No contracts, no surprises, and never any roaming charges.



You’ll have full access to your regular phone number for calling and texting, and you can add data to your device whenever you need it. No in-store visits required!

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Only buy what you need! If you’re not sure how much data you’ll need, start with a 1 GB package. You can always top up your eSIM with more data later.