aloSIM now available to download on the App Store and Google Play


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

aloSIM is now available to download on the App Store and Google Play

After months of hard work (and many happy customers using our web-based version), we’re thrilled you can now download #aloSIM in both the App Store and Google Play! 💙

Whether you’re traveling this summer or staying close to home, say #HelloAloSIM to snag affordable mobile data and stay connected in 120+ countries.

It’s easy to use aloSIM!

1. Choose a country or region

2. Shop for prepaid eSIM data packages

3. Install your eSIM and activate your new data

New to eSIM data?

Don’t worry. (We’ve got all the eSIM info you need right here on the blog.) An eSIM is the digital version of an old-fashioned physical SIM card, which makes it easy to switch up your data coverage without visiting an in-person store or kiosk (or removing/adding anything physical).

Most newer devices (phones, tablets, and even computers) are already designed with eSIM technology so they’re ready to accept the plans right away. We have an up-to-date list of which devices support eSIM data plans, so you can check to make sure yours is listed.

eSIM is great for travel

eSIM data plans are ideal for travel, because you can customize (and prepay) for your data usage and never worry about hidden fees or roaming charges. Instead of paying your regular carrier a significant fee to keep you connected in another country, you can use aloSIM data to keep your phone or tablet connected to a local plan. Not sure how much data you’ll need? You can buy a small data package and just top it up if you need additional data.

eSIM is convenient for home

Not planning on traveling soon? No problem! eSIM data is also fantastic for staying connected close to home. Many of our customers dislike the idea of a static monthly data plan with a carrier, either because they don’t care for contracts or they’re always on Wi-Fi and don’t really use much data. So they’re able to add eSIM data to their devices whenever they feel like it, prepaying for exactly what they want. (Psssst! Parents also love aloSIM for putting short-term data on old phones for their kids and teens so they can keep in touch with them.)

Download aloSIM today

We’ve poured our hearts and travel-loving souls into building the aloSIM app for the App Store and Google Play, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the app experience. Thank you in advance! 💙