Must-have travel accessories


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


Once upon a time, air travel used to be glamorous — you know, way back when we didn’t have to pay for checked luggage, meals were served for free even on domestic flights, and little luxuries were all part of the journey from home to your vacation destination. 

Those days are gone, and now we’re faced with little annoyances and challenges that can chip away at our vacay good vibes. That’s why investing in a few travel accessories can really help make travel easier. 

From tech to comfort, here are a few suggestions on what to bring along on your next trip … 

1. Power banks for your devices

Running out of juice when you’re stuck at an airport for hours and other people are hogging all the power outlets is such a pain, so bringing a charged power bank or two is always a great idea. 

If you’ve got tiny power banks that you got for free somewhere (as conference swag, maybe), treat yourself to a decent power bank that will charge your device a few times over instead. It’s worth its weight in gold when you need it!

2. A really comfortable travel pillow

Can’t sleep on planes usually? Well, with a great travel pillow, it’s absolutely possible to get a decent nap en route to your destination. Forget the overstuffed u-shaped pillows they sell at airports and check out the many types of ergonomically designed ones that wrap around your body and properly support your neck. 

3. Packing cubes

Serving a dual purpose, packing cubes are zippered bags (usually sold in packs of various sizes) that help organize your clothes and compress them so that it is easier to fit more into your bags. 

You can go a step further by using vacuum-sealed bags (sold with a travel-sized hand pump) that will compress your clothes by 80%, meaning you can pack a whole lot more into your luggage.

4. Better luggage

Speaking of luggage, exactly how old (and battered) is your set? Dragging clunky luggage from gate to gate is no fun, so upgrade to some sweet new lightweight luggage with spinner wheels that’ll make the whole travel experience a lot easier. 

5. aloSIM

We couldn’t put together a list of travel must-haves without politely reminding you that you’ll save on roaming charges with aloSIM. 😉

We’ve all experienced the pain of paying a really big mobile bill after a trip when the roaming charges went a bit haywire, and that’s where we come in. With aloSIM, you have full access to your usual phone number while also enjoying the convenience of a local roaming eSIM.

6. Noise-cancelling headphones

Block out annoying people, snoring seatmates, and screaming babies. Noise-cancelling headphones aren’t cheap, but if you travel often, consider them a worthy investment. 

(If they’re not in the budget, spend a couple of bucks on earplugs instead, and be sure to always have a pair in your carry-on.)

7. Sanitizing wipes

Airplanes have never exactly been the most sanitary of places, and these days we all need to be extra careful. Take a pack of sanitizing wipes and clean off your armrests, tray table, and the touchscreen of the inflight entertainment system before getting too comfortable in your seat.

8. Refillable water bottle

Many airports now have water stations where you can refill your bottle for free, so take your own bottle to stay hydrated and be more environmentally friendly. 

Also, if you’re travelling in places where the water may not be safe, you can fill up on filtered water at your hotel before leaving to explore for the day. 

Psst! Check out collapsible bottles that roll up and take minimal space in your luggage. 

What are your top travel accessories? Let us know!