How to get around corporate phone limitations


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

How to get around corporate phone limitations

Annoyed by corporate phone limitations that prevent you from accessing certain apps or sites? We’ve got a fix for the “No TikTok at work” blues.

There are many benefits to having a company-issued cell phone, like the ability to do your work and stay connected to clients, customers, and colleagues without using your personal phone. And since your employer is automatically footing the bill, there’s no need to pay for anything yourself or submit the bills for reimbursement. While company-issued cell phones are common for government jobs, more industries are adopting corporate phones as a perk when onboarding new employees.

But those benefits probably come with some frustrating restrictions.

Why do employers use corporate phone limitations?


Since your employer is providing the phone and paying for it, they understandably want to make sure the phone is used for business purposes. If they left the device able to access social media apps and games, well, you might not be that productive at work … right?


Think of the work-related apps on your corporate phone, and imagine that sensitive material accidentally being exposed to clients, competitors, or the general public. Sketchy sites and apps could put that information at risk, so many employers prevent their devices from accessing anything questionable.

How to get around corporate phone limitations

With many corporate devices, the restrictions are tied to the SIM itself — not the settings within the app. If your employer sets your phone up on a specific plan, it’s the SIM that limits your activity and blocks you from messing around on certain sites and apps.

The workaround is adding a second (totally unrestricted) SIM to your corporate phone.

“Wait!” You might be thinking. “I can’t just yank out the SIM card and put a new one in. I wouldn’t be able to get calls or messages on my work line?”

No need to remove (or add) any physical SIM cards. We’re talking about eSIM — digital versions of SIM cards that work exactly the same way, connecting phones to different networks.

You can use the aloSIM app (available in the App Store and Google Play) to shop for eSIM data packages in your country (120+ countries available) and choose one that works for you. (Oh, and if your employee won’t let you download any apps, you can always shop our online eSIM store instead.)

Our eSIM data packages start as small as a single gig of data that can be used over seven days. Once you’ve selected a package, it takes seconds to install and activate it on your corporate phone. Then you can simply use aloSIM for roaming data, which should let you browse around without restrictions.

Of course, we don’t recommend using any apps or visiting any websites that truly pose a risk to your employer. But if you just want the ability to scroll Facebook or TikTok without your work phone blocking it, then this is a great workaround.