Get a downloadable SIM card, pay in your preferred currency


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

With aloSIM, you can get a downloadable SIM card and pay in your preferred currency
When you need to get a downloadable SIM card for travel, it’s easiest to browse prices when they’re displayed in your usual currency.

In the free aloSIM app and our online eSIM store, we give our customers the freedom to shop for an eSIM data package in their preferred currency. Just tap ‘Profile’ and ‘Currency’ to change your currency.

• No exchange rates

• No tax confusion

• No tricky conversions

Skip the mental math to try to convert the costs! When you shop aloSIM for a downloadable SIM card, you can choose a currency to see all prices and complete your checkout:

• United States dollars (USD)

• Canadian dollars (CAD)

• Australian dollars (AUD)

• British pounds (GBP)

• Euros (EUR)

• Mexican pesos (MXN)

What is a downloadable SIM card?

A downloadable SIM card is sometimes called an ‘eSIM’ (embedded SIM card). Just like a traditional plastic SIM card, it lets you connect to new networks so you can get mobile data. Most newer phones and tablets already support eSIM, and it takes less than two minutes to download an eSIM onto any eSIM compatible device.

Why should I use one for travel?

During international travel, your mobile carrier may charge roaming fees whenever you use data. But if you get a downloadable SIM card (eSIM) for the country you’re visiting, you can use a prepaid data package to connect instantly to local networks.

Using an eSIM is a much cheaper way to have a reliable internet connection while you travel, keeping your apps connected anywhere you go.

How do I buy prepaid data?

Traveling soon? Here’s how to use eSIMs to get prepaid data for 170+ countries worldwide.

1. Make sure you have a phone or tablet that supports eSIM

2. Use the aloSIM app to shop for a prepaid data package for your destination

3. Complete your transaction in your preferred currency

4. Download and install your eSIM

5. Activate your data package to begin using your data

Questions about eSIM? Need help?

Our friendly aloSIM Support team is available 24/7 via email ( or live chat.