Euro 2024 travel guide: cities, matches, and travel tips


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The countdown is on for the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship. The 17th edition and the quadrennial international event organised by UEFA for 24 European men’s national teams. Hosted by Germany, the matches will take place from 14 June to 14 July, 2024. The winning team will go on to compete in the 2025 CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions against the 2024 Copa América winner.
(Stay tuned for the Women’s Euro 2025, which will take place in July 2025.) 

Match Schedule and Teams

The most important part to note in a Euro 2024 travel guide is all about the atmosphere. Specifically, the atmosphere will be electric, with football fans from all over Europe (and beyond) gathering to support their home teams. Expect stadiums filled with passionate supporters, lively fan zones, and a general buzz of excitement that will undoubtedly spill into the streets of the host cities.

Group stage

Friday June 14

• Germany vs Scotland (Munich, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Saturday June 15

• Hungary vs Switzerland (Cologne, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Spain vs Croatia (Berlin, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Italy vs Albania (Dortmund, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Sunday June 16

• Poland vs Netherlands (Hamburg, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Slovenia vs Denmark (Stuttgart, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Serbia vs England (Gelsenkirchen, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Monday June 17

• Romania vs Ukraine (Munich, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Belgium vs Slovakia (Frankfurt, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Austria vs France (Dusseldorf, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Tuesday June 18

• Turkey vs Georgia (Dortmund, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Portugal vs Czech Republic (Leipzig, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Wednesday June 19

• Croatia vs Albania (Hamburg, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Germany vs Hungary (Stuttgart, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Scotland vs Switzerland (Cologne, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Thursday June 20

• Slovenia vs Serbia (Munich, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Denmark vs England (Frankfurt, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Spain vs Italy (Gelsenkirchen, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Friday June 21

• Slovakia vs Ukraine (Dusseldorf, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Poland vs Austria (Berlin, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Netherlands vs France (Leipzig, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Saturday June 22

• Georgia vs Czech Republic (Hamburg, kick-off 2pm UK time)

• Turkey vs Portugal (Dortmund, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Belgium vs Romania (Cologne, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Sunday June 23

• Switzerland vs Germany (Frankfurt, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• Scotland vs Hungary (Stuttgart, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Monday June 24

• Croatia vs Italy (Leipzig, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• Albania vs Spain (Dusseldorf, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Tuesday June 25

• Netherlands vs Austria (Berlin, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• France vs Poland (Dortmund, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• England vs Slovenia (Cologne, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• Denmark vs Serbia (Munich, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Wednesday June 26

• Slovakia vs Romania (Frankfurt, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Ukraine vs Belgium (Stuttgart, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• Czech Republic vs Turkey (Hamburg, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• Georgia vs Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Round of 16

Saturday June 29

• 37 1A vs 2C (Dortmund, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• 38 2A vs 2B (Berlin, kick-off 5pm UK time)

Sunday June 30

• 39 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Cologne, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• 40 1C vs 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen, kick-off 5pm UK time)

Monday July 1

• 41 1F vs 3A/B/C (Frankfurt, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• 42 2D vs 2E (Düsseldorf, kick-off 5pm UK time)

Tuesday July 2

• 43 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (Munich, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• 44 1D vs 2F (Leipzig, kick-off 8pm UK time)


Friday July 5

• 45 W39 vs W37 (Stuttgart, kick-off 5pm UK time)

• 46 W41 vs W42 (Hamburg, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Saturday July 6

• 47 W43 vs W44 (Berlin, kick-off 8pm UK time)

• 48 W40 vs W38 (Dusseldorf, kick-off 5pm UK time)


Tuesday July 9

• 49 W45 vs W46 (Munich, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Wednesday July 10

• 50 W47 vs W48 (Dortmund, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Euro 2024 final

Sunday July 14

• W49 vs W50 (Berlin, kick-off 8pm UK time)

Although tickets may be at a premium, football fans can still take advantage of the excitement of the events. Fan zones are a great way to soak up the tournament atmosphere from outside the stadium. These areas, often located in city centres or near major landmarks, will feature large screens for broadcasting the matches, food and drink stalls, and other various forms of entertainment. It’s a perfect place to mingle with fellow fans and root for your home team.

Euro 2024 Travel Guide for Host Cities and Arenas

In addition to grabbing tickets for the much-anticipated matches, take the opportunity to explore the host cities and their attractions. Here are a few bite-sized suggestions to take in before or after a match without wandering too far from the arena of the day. 

Munich (Munich Football Arena): 

  • The Marienplatz 
  • Enjoy a beer at the Hofbräuhaus 
  • Stroll in the Englischer Garten

Dortmund (BVB Stadion Dortmund): 

  • German Football Museum 
  • Westfalenpark
  • Vibrant Kreuzviertel district

Berlin (Olympiastadion)

  • Walk through the Brandenburg Gate, 
  • Berlin Wall Memorial, 
  • Museum Island

Hamburg (Volksparkstadion)

  • Historic Speicherstadt 
  • Take a boat tour of the harbour
  • Fresh seafood at the Fischmarkt

Leipzig (Leipzig Arena)

  • The Old Town 
  • Leipzig Zoo
  • Enjoy a performance at the Gewandhaus Concert Hall

Cologne (Cologne Arena)

  • Climb the Cologne Cathedral 
  • Stroll along the Rhine River 
  • The Roman-Germanic Museum

Frankfurt (Frankfurt Arena)

  • Tour the Römer 
  • The Palmengarten 
  • Enjoy the views from the Main Tower

Stuttgart (Stuttgart Arena) 

  • Wander to the Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden 
  • Wine tasting in the local vineyards

Gelsenkirchen (Arena AufSchalke) 

  • Nordsternpark 
  • The Zoom Erlebniswelt
  • Enjoy a meal in the historic Berger Feld district

Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Arena)

  • Stroll along the Königsallee 
  • The Rheinturm
  • The Altstadt also known as “the longest bar in the world”

Language Tip for Euro 2024

While a good number of Germans do speak English, knowing a handful of basic German phrases might help make interactions with locals more enjoyable. Simple phrases like “Guten Tag” (Good day), “Danke” (Thank you), and “Bitte” (Please) can go a long way in making connections and showing respect for the local culture.

Stay Connected while Travelling 

Stay updated on match schedules, team news, and local events by following official Euro 2024 channels on social media, downloading relevant apps, and with the help of an aloSIM eSIM. You can snag your aloSIM for Germany or the EU, which will allow you to stay in communications across 34 countries for any travelling before or after any big matches. This will help you stay informed and ensure you don’t miss out on any important information or exciting events happening around the tournament.

Capture the Memories of Euro 2024

Document your Euro 2024 travel guide adventure by taking plenty of photos and videos to send with the help of your aloSIM eSIM. Capture the excitement of the matches, the beauty of the host cities, and new friends you meet along the way. These memories will be cherished long after the tournament is over.

By following this Euro 2024 travel guide, you’ll ensure a memorable and exciting experience as you travel through Germany and enjoy one of the world’s most thrilling football events.

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