Cayman Islands eSIM: Your guide to working, playing, and relaxing as a digital nomad


By Krista

Travel & Tech Writer

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Be honest. Haven’t we all had moments in front of our computers, pouring that extra cup of coffee to stay focused, peeking out the window at the snow (even though it’s supposed to be spring), and our minds wandering to what it might be like to live somewhere tropical? To work somewhere warm? To experience the exciting life of a digital nomad?

Well, the Cayman Islands, with the convenience of a Cayman Islands eSIM, are the destinations you have been daydreaming about.

Here are a few ways to visit Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman for work, play, and relaxation. 

1. Work Permit

Digital nomads can apply for a standard work permit through a sponsoring employer in the Cayman Islands; However, this requires a job offer from a local company.


  • Job offer from a Cayman Islands-based employer.
  • Relevant professional qualifications.

How to Apply: Cayman Islands Immigration Department

2. Student Visa

Be a lifelong learner and enroll in a recognized educational institution in the Cayman Islands to qualify for a student visa.


  • Acceptance letter from an accredited school.
  • Proof of financial means to cover tuition and living expenses.

How to Apply: Cayman Islands Department of Education

3. Business Visitor’s Visa

Entrepreneurs and business owners can apply for a business visitor’s visa, which allows them to conduct business activities in the Cayman Islands for a limited period, with the help of a Cayman Islands eSIM, of course.


  • Proof of business activity.
  • Invitation letter from a Cayman Islands-based company.

How to Apply: Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman

4. Entrepreneur Visa Cayman Enterprise City

Move over Zuckerberg. Startups and entrepreneurs can apply for an entrepreneur visa if they plan to launch a business in the Cayman Islands.


  • Business plan and proof of business registration.
  • Proof of financial means to support the business.

How to Apply: Cayman Enterprise City

Making the Most of Your Digital Nomad Experience

The good news is that all three islands have decent internet infrastructure and with your aloSIM Cayman Islands eSIM you can conduct global business from most locations (including the poolside or the beach). Remember, it’s always wise to check with your accommodation about internet speeds, especially if you rely heavily on video calls or large file transfers.

Grand Cayman to Work:

Grand Cayman is the largest and most developed of the three islands and offers a blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. With its bustling business hub, diverse dining options, and extensive recreational activities, it’s an ideal destination for digital nomads who want the best of both worlds.

Where to work:

  • Regus Cayman Islands: Located in the heart of George Town, Regus offers professional coworking spaces with all the amenities you need for productive workdays.

Cayman Brac to Play

Cayman Brac offers a more rugged, adventurous vibe than Grand Cayman. It’s known for its dramatic cliffs, excellent diving spots, and a slower pace of life. Ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle, it’s perfect for balancing work with outdoor adventures.

Where to play:

  • Cayman Brac Beach Resort: A popular choice among divers, offering comfortable rooms, high-speed internet, and beautiful beachfront views.

Little Cayman to Relax

The smallest of the three islands, Little Cayman is a true escape from the modern world. With its pristine nature, quiet atmosphere, and abundant wildlife, it’s the perfect spot for digital nomads looking to disconnect and find inspiration.

Where to relax:

Booby Pond Nature Reserve: A haven for bird watchers and nature lovers, offering serene walks and stunning views. Snap pics and share back home with your aloSIM Cayman Islands eSIM