Love using eSIM data? Become an aloSIM affiliate!


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

Love using eSIM data Become an aloSIM affiliate

Whenever you find a product or service you absolutely love, it’s natural to want to tell the world. Well, now we have a way for people to share their love of staying affordability connected when they travel using an eSIM for data … and get paid commissions by becoming an aloSIM affiliate.

Whether you’re an influencer, travel agent, blogger, content creator, publisher, YouTuber, TikToker, or anyone else who has a digital audience, we’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to join the aloSIM affiliate program.

What is the aloSIM affiliate program?

Maybe you’re already an affiliate for other products and services, and you’re used to the process. But maybe you’ve never been an affiliate before, and you’re brand-new to how all of this works. Either way, welcome!

So what’s an affiliate program? An affiliate program is when an e-commerce site (like our eSIM store) pays the people, channels, or sites sending them eager customers. It’s a way of saying “Hey, thanks! That was nice of you to tell people about us.” And what better way to say thank-you than with cold, hard cash? (Okay, it’s more like a monthly PayPal payment. Same diff.)

How do I become an aloSIM affiliate?

1. Read about the aloSIM affiliate program

2. Fill out our aloSIM affiliate registration form

3. Wait while we review and approve your application

4. Log into your new affiliate account

5. Grab your custom tracking URLs and custom tracking QR codes, and start sharing them anywhere you’d like!

What do aloSIM affiliates get?

aloSIM affiliates get a base commission (starting at 10%). If someone clicks your custom tracking link or scans your custom tracking QR code and goes on to make an aloSIM purchase (paid with real money, not credit), our affiliate system will track that you inspired the purchase and add a 10% commission to your affiliate account.

How do affiliates get paid?

Our aloSIM affiliates are paid once a month. Invoices are generated automatically, on the first of every month (unless you’ve made alternative invoicing arrangements with your aloSIM affiliate manager).

Benefits of being an aloSIM affiliate

1. Fast payouts every month, with no minimum payout requirements

2. High earning potential, with no commission caps

3. Smart tracking using custom URLs and QR codes

4. Global appeal, with data available for 130+ countries

5. The ability to link directly to packages or educational pages

6. Dedicated 24/7 aloSIM customer support

Extra aloSIM affiliate perks

Social shares: We always love reading what our affiliates have to say about how much they enjoy using aloSIM. (It literally makes our day!) So if you write a blog post, publish a video, or chat on social about your aloSIM experience, there’s an excellent chance we’ll be re-sharing your content on our social channels.

Link love: When we’re posting here on the aloSIM blog, we also love linking over to the great aloSIM reviews our affiliates publish. Hooray for more traffic!

Special deals: If we see you’re sending a ton of new aloSIM customers our way, your aloSIM account manager may work with you on a special deal just for your audience. Enticing, right?

Ready to be an aloSIM affiliate?

Awesome! We can’t wait to have you on the team. You can read up about the program, and then head right over to the sign-up page. Questions? Please reach out to our Support team, and they’ll be happy to help.