Save money using a Europe eSIM with unlimited data


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

Save money using a Europe eSIM with unlimited data

If you’re traveling to Europe soon and researching how to avoid data roaming charges in Europe, you’ve probably landed here because all the travel advice on the internet explained the benefits of using a prepaid Europe eSIM with unlimited data.

Well, you’re absolutely right! (Hi! We’re aloSIM. So glad you stopped by to see us.)

Have you used an eSIM before?

If you’re brand-new to using eSIM, here’s a quick rundown to get you started. (If you’ve used an eSIM before, you can skip down to the next section because you’ll already know this stuff.)

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM card. You know the little plastic rectangle hidden somewhere inside your phone? Well, this is a totally digital (invisible) version of that. You can’t see or touch an eSIM, but it works the same way as a physical SIM card and connects your phone to different networks.

Can my phone support eSIM?

Most newer phones and tablets already support eSIM, but we have a handy eSIM device checker you can use if you’re not sure.

How is a prepaid Europe eSIM different from a prepaid Europe SIM card?

With a Europe eSIM, you’ll be able to connect to various supported networks on your travels. (We’ll automatically connect you to the best one, and we might move you to different networks as you travel around, as some networks will have a stronger connection in different areas.) You’ll also have the freedom to top up your eSIM with more data if you need it.

This is very different from using a physical Europe SIM card, where you are tied down to a single network, with no way to top up your SIM if you need additional data.

Buying and installing a Europe eSIM

How do I buy a Europe eSIM with unlimited data?

You can download aloSIM, our free eSIM app (available in the App Store and on Google Play) or you can buy an eSIM online on We have eSIM data packages for 130+ countries, as well as regional eSIMs that can be used in multiple countries.

Popular Regional Europe eSIM data packages:

Western Europe eSIM (4 supported countries)
Eastern Europe eSIM (11 supported countries)
Scandinavia eSIM (3 supported countries)
Mediterranean (6 supported countries)
Ireland & United Kingdom eSIM (2 supported countries)

Popular Western Europe eSIM data packages:

Austria eSIM
Belgium eSIM
Luxembourg eSIM
Liechtenstein eSIM
Netherlands eSIM
Switzerland eSIM
Germany eSIM
France eSIM

Popular Eastern Europe eSIM data packages:

Croatia eSIM
Romania eSIM
Czech Republic eSIM
Hungary eSIM
Bulgaria eSIM 
Moldova eSIM
Slovakia eSIM
Ukraine eSIM
Poland eSIM

Popular Southern Europe eSIM data packages:

Albania eSIM
Malta eSIM
Slovenia eSIM
San Marino eSIM
Serbia eSIM
Portugal eSIM
Greece eSIM
Spain eSIM
Italy eSIM

Popular Northern Europe eSIM data packages:

Norway eSIM
Denmark eSIM
Sweden eSIM
Latvia eSIM
Lithuania eSIM
Estonia eSIM
Finland eSIM
United Kingdom eSIM
Iceland eSIM
Ireland eSIM

When do I install my Europe eSIM?

We recommend installing your eSIM a couple of days before you leave for Europe, just to make sure you have a strong connection (Wi-Fi or data) for the installation. It usually takes 2-3 minutes.

(Of course, if you’re already in Europe, it’s fine to install it while you’re there. Just make sure you have a good connection so your installation doesn’t get interrupted.)

How do I install the eSIM on my device?

We provide detailed eSIM installation instructions to guide you through the process. It only takes a couple of minutes, and once your Europe eSIM (digital SIM card) has been installed, it’s yours forever. You can keep it on your phone and use it for future Europe trips.

Using your Europe eSIM while traveling

How do I activate my data package when I arrive in Europe?

When you arrive in Europe, you’ll activate your eSIM following our instructions for iOS devices or Android devices. It only takes about a minute to run through the steps, and then your data will begin flowing.

How will I avoid roaming charges in Europe?

During the activation process, our instructions for iOS devices, Samsung devices, or other Android devices include the correct settings to make sure your carrier won’t add data roaming charges to your next bill.

Can I use my phone number in Europe?

You absolutely can use your phone number in Europe, if you want to be able to call and text on your regular phone number abroad. eSIMs don’t come with their own phone numbers, so you can leave your regular phone number active while traveling and continue to use it for calling and texting.

Just be aware that your carrier may charge you for any active calling minutes + individual texts that occur while you’re out of their normal range. It’s a good idea to ask your carrier about their pay-per-use calling and texting rates prior to leaving for Europe. (You can say “I’ll be using an eSIM for all data while I’m traveling, but how much will it cost to call and text while I’m in Europe?”) It’s usually a couple of dollars per calling minute, and less for individual texts.

But some travellers don’t mind being without their phone number for a little while, and prefer to switch off their Primary SIM entirely. They won’t be able to use it for calling or texting, but they also won’t pay a penny in carrier long distance charges. We have suggestions on other great ways to affordably call and text while traveling, including using a temporary phone number from our sister app, Hushed.

Is a Europe eSIM cheaper than my carrier’s Europe travel plan?

Carrier travel plans are “easy” for customers because you don’t have to do anything. You simply arrange it with your carrier, leave the country, and continue using your phone normally. But these carrier travel plans can be very expensive, and often charge you $100-$140 per week ($14-$20 per day) even if you barely touch your phone.

Since Europe data is very affordable, many travellers prefer to use a prepaid Europe eSIM and pay $4.50 or $5 per week (about 60 cents a day) for the exact amount of data they want.

How does Europe eSIM unlimited data work?

Each data package can be used for a certain amount of days, and up to a certain amount of data usage. For example, you might buy a 1GB data package that’s valid for seven days. If you use the full 1GB of data before the seven days runs out, the package will be expired. But your Europe eSIM has unlimited data capabilities, so it only takes seconds to add more data to the eSIM.

How do I get more Europe data if I need it?

If your data package runs out (or is getting low), it’s quick and easy to top up your eSIM anytime and get more mobile data to use on your travels. You can do it all within our free eSIM app (available in the App Store and on Google Play).

Have an amazing time exploring Europe! If you have any questions about how to buy (or use) a Europe eSIM with unlimited data, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team via email ( or live chat.