Use a Europe eSIM for cheap data internationally


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

Use a Europe eSIM for cheap data internationally

You’re about to head out on that trip of a lifetime to Europe, and your planning is nearly done. But have you thought about how you’ll stay connected while abroad, especially when your trip likely includes more than one country?

Public Wi-Fi is sure to be available, but it’s also sure to be spotty. And with many of these networks being totally public (and totally unsecured), isn’t there a better way to stay connected on your trip?

There absolutely is, and it’s by using a Europe eSIM. Whether you’re an old pro at using eSIM or you’re brand-new to the concept of a digital SIM card, here are a few benefits of using prepaid eSIM data from an eSIM provider like aloSIM ..

Stay connected with a Europe eSIM

aloSIM is an eSIM data app where users can get affordable eSIM mobile data in 130+ countries (and counting). 

The app is free to download and easy to use with most newer devices, and it’s a much more affordable option than paying for a carrier travel data package. It ensures a safe, secure and fast connection, all by connecting you to the fastest local networks. 

Save money with a Europe eSIM

Some people choose to stay connected while abroad using their carrier’s international data plans, but these tend to rack up quickly (and often cost $16 per day).

On top of saving you from data roaming fees, Europe eSIM data packages start at $4.50 for a full week, providing a steady prepaid data connection for maps, messaging, email, and more.

Share your trip in real-time

There are so many reasons to stay connected during your trip. Think of the beautiful sights you’ll be seeing — maybe a stroll along the Seine in Paris, delicious waffles in Belgium, walking through a romantic German castle or seeing street art in London.

With your Europe eSIM, you can video call anyone, anytime, and share that moment with them. 

Have easy access to digital maps

There are so many other ways a Europe eSIM will come in handy, too. What if you need last-minute directions, or a live map to find a nearby street? What about finding a restaurant, or a museum to visit? You’re able to do all of that, and quickly, with a Europe eSIM. 

Easily make (or change) travel plans

Travel plans can also change often, and quickly. Your hostel may have been overbooked by accident, or your train might be delayed. These are changes you’ll want to stay tuned with, as they happen in real time. That Europe eSIM will once again ensure you can do just that. 

More than one country on your Europe trip itinerary? Awesome! Our regional packages in Western Europe and Eastern Europe packages will keep you connected throughout your trip.

How to use your Europe eSIM

Ready to try it out, but not sure where to start? Here are some easy, simple steps to using a Europe eSIM on your trip. 

1. Check your device

Our eSIM Compatibility Checker is a great way to get started. This tool asks you to answer a few quick questions to find whether your device is eSIM compatible. 

2. Choose your country or region

Once you’ve finalized your travel destination(s), you can choose your data package. aloSIM offers packages from 1GB to 30GB that are valid for up to 30 days. 

You can choose a country-specific package, or even a regional one! We have a Western Europe regional package (with eSIM data in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain), and an Eastern Europe regional package (with eSIM data in Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece and Serbia).

3. Buy your Europe eSIM data package

Once your list of destinations is finalized, purchase your Europe eSIM packages from either, or on the free aloSIM app (download from App Store or Google Play). 

4. Install your new eSIM

Never used an eSIM before? Don’t worry — it’s super easy! Here are some helpful tips that’ll get you started.

5. Start using your Europe data


Once you’ve turned your eSIM on, you’re ready to start using your data! And remember to keep data roaming toggled OFF for your primary SIM, so your carrier doesn’t connect to an international network and charge you data roaming fees. 

Enjoy your Europe eSIM

You’ve earned this trip of a lifetime to Europe, and you should enjoy it. Your Europe eSIM is just the ticket to keeping your trip fun and stress free (and saving you money, so you can use it for some amazing European experience). 

Stay connected while away and purchase your Europe eSIM before you leave from our free aloSIM app (App Store or Google Play), or online at