Embracing the return of business travel


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


A life of frequent travel sounds so glamorous, but it can be a grind — especially during these strange COVID times.

Flying into a city for meetings with barely a minute to enjoy anything and dealing with flight delays and inconveniences can suck the joy out of travel, even when you’re headed to beautiful and exciting destinations. 

Grab your face masks and hand sanitizer, because the aloSIM team is about to show you how to embrace the return of business travel and rediscover your love of travel … 

Turn your trip into a mini-vacation

Use hotel points or a cheap booking site to score a deal on a hotel room and slow life down by booking an extra day or two at your destination. (After all, aren’t you really sick of being stuck at home?) 

Use your mini-vacation to give yourself (a) a chance to recover from the trip there, and (b) time to explore so that you feel like you’ve seen that city outside of the hotel and wherever it was you had your meetings. 

Plan a little before your trip, searching out an unmissable restaurant or attraction that interests you, or book a walking tour of the city — it’s always a great way to get to know a new city fast, with plenty of insider info that you can use to make the most out of the rest of your trip.

When you do fly home, you’re going to feel way more relaxed and have a feel for that destination. If it is somewhere that you’ll be coming back to, then you may well have a reason to look forward to returning now that you’ve explored a little. 

Get better flights

If someone else handles travel bookings for you, ask if you can have some input on the itineraries. If their number one concern is the cheapest ticket, they might be getting you a not-so-great connection (or even worse, connections) for the sake of saving a few bucks. 

As a frequent traveller, you likely know which airports you’d rather not transit through, and what airlines you’d prefer — but the person doing the bookings probably doesn’t. Communicate with them, and get them on your side. 

Score an eSIM to save on roaming charges

There’s nothing worse than being “welcomed” home after a business trip with a mobile bill packed with scorching roaming charges — and that’s where we come in. With aloSIM, you have full access to your usual phone number while also enjoying the convenience of a local roaming eSIM.

Rack up those points

If you aren’t already collecting points on all the airlines that you travel with, start doing so now! Frequent travel means that points can build up fast, not only helping you save up for a vacation but also potentially giving you the option of bringing a friend or family member along with you on a trip (a very easy way to make it way more fun, especially if you tack a few extra days on).


Invest in cool travel gear

If your carry-on bag doesn’t have spinner wheels, or it’s a pain in the butt to run from gate to gate with, there’s never been a better time to upgrade it. Buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so you can ignore screaming babies, snorers, and chatty Cathys on the plane. Invest in a decent neck pillow (not one of those ones you just grab at the airport book store) so you can catch some zzzs in comfort, and make sure your face mask is super comfy — after all, it’s here to stay for a while.

By investing in yourself and putting a little thought and planning into each trip, you’ll skip some of the pain points of frequent air travel, make the whole experience less of a chore, and even save a bit of money. 

Before you know it, you’ll have your business trip groove back.