How to disable your SIM for travel


Phone calls? Texts? Nope, not on vacation!

How to disable your SIM for travel

Select your device to see how to turn off your phone number for international travel …





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What are the benefits of disabling my SIM for international travel?

1. You won’t be charged for phone calls or texts that occur in another country, since you won’t be able to make/accept calls or send/receive texts.


(iMessage will continue to work just fine as long as you’re on Wi-Fi or using an eSIM for mobile data.)


2. You can relax and enjoy your travels, without feeling distracted by spammy calls, long text threads about plans you won’t be attending, or random wrong numbers. You’ll be “phone-free,” except of course you can still use your phone for your fave apps.

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Is there any reason I shouldn’t disable my Primary SIM for international travel?

If you disable your Primary SIM, your friends, family, and colleagues will not be able to call or text you on your regular phone number until it’s switched back on.


Depending on why they’re calling you on vacation, this might actually be a good thing. 😉


You also won’t have access to your texts for two-factor authentication, so we recommend using a two-factor authentication app instead. It’s a safe way to ensure you can always log into your accounts, even without access to your phone number.