What’s the best international travel data plan?


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

What’s the best international travel data plan?

Shopping for a SIM card or data plan in your own country can be frustrating, so just imagine trying to get your phone set up with an international travel data plan in a country you’ve never even visited before. 

Sounds stressful? Luckily, we have a solution. 

Here at aloSIM, we make it easy and convenient to browse international travel data plans, choose the one that suits your needs, and get it activated right on your device. 

So before you jet off on the trip you’ve been planning for months (or even years), save your money for fun excursions instead of wasting it on data overage charges with your mobile provider. (You, and your bank account, will thank us later.)

BACK IN THE DARK AGES (actually, not that long ago)

Yup, the “traditional” way of using your phone internationally was to use your existing SIM card (you know, that tiny bit of plastic that sits inside your smartphone), paired with an international data plan from your usual carrier. But this can be expensive, with sneaky hidden fees on your next bill. Um, no thanks! 

Another option used to be buying a second, local SIM card when you arrive at your destination. But that meant removing your real SIM card (and not losing it on your travels) and swapping around these tiny chips, and you also didn’t have access to your regular phone number while traveling. Not ideal.


Instead of taking out your SIM card or tacking extra charges onto your mobile bill, travellers are choosing the convenience of eSIM technology and using aloSIM to shop online for an international travel data plan.

We keep things simple: showing you different plans at various prices, and letting you pick the one that will work best for your trip. You pay for exactly what you need, and if you need more data along the way, it’s easy to top it up.

It just takes a few taps and swipes — no need to visit a physical store or do anything weird with your device, like taking off your case and messing with the little slots and compartments. We’ll walk you through how to activate your new eSIM and start using it right away, or you can get it ready and then flip over to use it once you arrive at your destination.

So what’s the best international data plan? Well, it’s actually different for everyone. 

For some people, it’s a five-day plan with a tiny bit of data for emergencies only. For others, it’s an unlimited plan with tons of data, so they can make video calls as often as they’d like. The best international travel data plan is the one you choose yourself, based on the length of your trip and how you plan to use your device.

Think of it like a Goldilocks and the Three Bears situation: some porridge … er, data plans … will be too big for you, other plans will be too small for you, and we’re here to help you find the international travel data plan that’s juuuuuust right. 

Want to learn more about eSIM technology? Check out aloSIM for local and regional eSIM plans.