Stay connected during Morocco earthquake recovery


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


Here in Canada and around the world, our hearts are with the people of Morocco after a devasting earthquake killed hundreds during the late hours of September 8, 2023.

Striking just south of the city of Marrakech, in the High Atlas mountains, more than 800 lives have been lost and the death toll continues to rise. Many of the victims lived in homes that were especially vulnerable to earthquake shaking, and rescue teams are battling blocked and destroyed roads as they work to reach the worst areas.

Keep in communication

In emergency situations like this, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with loved ones, checking breaking news developments, and receive up-to-the-minute updates on evacuations, medical aid, and shelters.

First responders, rescue teams, and relief effort coordinators also depend on a steady data connection to stay in contact, organize plans, arrange for supplies, and relay important information.

Get emergency Morocco data

When networks get overloaded during a crisis, sometimes it’s necessary to switch to a new network for internet access to send messages and check for updates online.

Today and in the coming days, we encourage anyone who needs Morocco data to download the aloSIM app and use discount code “MOROCCOSTRONG” to get best available pricing on prepaid Morocco data packages running on the Meditel network.

Whether you live in Morocco or you’re travelling in to help with the Morocco earthquake relief efforts, anyone who has a phone that supports eSIM can install a Morocco SIM card and connect to the Meditel network for prepaid mobile data.

We’re holding Morocco in our hearts as they face unimaginable loss, and it’s our hope that we can help even one person stay connected to the information that will help make things a little easier.