Top 5 destinations for March Break 2024


By Krista

Travel & Tech Writer

March Break 2024 for Canadians

Depending entirely on the wills of the weather, March Break 2024 can be a seriously bleak time in Canada if you stay home.

During this time of year, the days are usually drab and the grey, and the slushy streets will have you dreaming of international destinations. Sun seekers find themselves searching online tickets to the tantalizing warmth of southern locales, folks juggling stressful work or course loads lament a lack of down time yet this calendar year, while others are simply looking to shake up the status quo of their everyday lives. 

Ready for a much-needed vacation? Here are a few popular suggestions for Canadians looking for an escape …

1. Some Like it Hot: March Break 2024 edition

Tired of the ice and snow here in Canada? Travel to Cancun, Mexico!

We’re already dreaming of the land of sun, surf, and sea. If you are the type of traveller who likes to kick back and enjoy a margarita, flip through a magazine, and float in the waves, then this southern destination should be top of your list. Plus, can you say all-inclusive resorts?

Best for: Couples

Travel tip: Download a Mexico eSIM for cheap data! You’ll want Google Maps if you’re driving around.

2. London is for Literature Lovers

Travel to London, England for March Break 2024

Those who have spent many an afternoon living in the pages of their favourite books will love spending their March Break 2024 “across the pond.” Imagine walking the streets of London, waiting for the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, peering through your magnifying glass at apartment 221B Baker street, or attending a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre. As a bonus, take a trip to Westminster Abbey to view the memorials of Browning, Chaucer, Dickens, and Keats, amongst many other prolific writers.

Best for: Literature Lovers

Travel tip: Download a U.K. eSIM so you have data anywhere you go.

3. Amusement Parks

Travel to Orlando, Florida for March Break 2024

With warm weather and plenty of activities, Orlando is, of course, a popular destination for Canadian families on March Break 2024. Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are a solid option and, for creative kids, Lego Land or the Crayola Experience will keep their imaginations inspired and challenged while on break. 

Best for: Families 

Travel tip: The parks all require apps to maximize your visit. Download a USA SIM card so you aren’t relying on Wi-Fi only.

4. Party Every Day for March Break 2024

Oh yeah, we’re talking about Las Vegas, Nevada!

For travellers with the urge to cut loose, there’s no place more alluring than Sin City itself. The Las Vegas Strip offers an endless selection of casinos and other forms of nightlife. Visitors can indulge in the extravagance of food and drink or get tickets to one of hundreds of incredible shows to see, including music, comedy, acrobatics, or even magic (I mean, “illusions”).

Best for: Students 

Travel tip: Install a USA SIM card so you always have mobile data to buy tickets, make a reservation, or share your adventures online.

5. Time Travel to Athens

Travel to Athens, Greece for March Break 2024

Tour to the heart of Greece to walk through the ruins of the Acropolis or the Ancient Agora. Experience the history of devotion to mythological Grecian gods with a visit to the Temples of Hephaestus, Athena Nike, or Zeus. Hungry? Travel to Athens must include time to taste fresh olives, grilled octopus, and dolmades, which are tender lemony grape leaves stuffed with delectable herbaceous rice. 

Best for: Culture Connoisseurs 

Travel tip: Download a Greece eSIM before your trip, and you’ll have cheap data the whole time you’re exploring Athens.

No matter the destination you’re packing for this March Break 2024, be sure to install an eSIM on your phone to take lots of photos to send to your friends and family back at home.