How to use Uber abroad with prepaid eSIM data


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

UBER with aloSIM – sergey-tarasov-QdPPj_0s-tQ-unsplash

Have you ever wondered how to use Uber abroad?

Getting where you need to go can be challenging at the best of times, and even harder during a trip. Rental cars are expensive, and so are taxis, especially when tourists often get charged insanely high rates. 

There’s an easy way to get around that, and it’s by using Uber. But you might be wondering how to use Uber abroad, given that you need a secure, steady data connection to power it. That’s a really good question, and we’ve got a hack for you on how to do it! 

The easiest, most affordable method of how to use Uber abroad is to power it with prepaid eSIM data. It’s also the easiest, most affordable way to stay safe during your travels. 

eSIM data is becoming popular with international students, people on travel tours, hostel travelers and destination wedding guests. It’s also the perfect solution for how to use Uber abroad! Here’s how to use Uber abroad via aloSIM eSIM data in 150+ countries.

What is an eSIM?

Before we dive into the benefits of using prepaid aloSIM data for Uber, let’s quickly understand what eSIM is

eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital version of a physical SIM. Like a SIM, they enable you to connect to local cellular and data networks, but without having to swap a new SIM in or out. And with flexible data packages to choose from, it’s a major cost-saving solution compared to traditional carrier roaming plans.

With no swapping required, eSIMs are an easy way to stay connected when spending time abroad, whether you’re working or traveling for fun. And when you use prepaid eSIM data from aloSIM, you’ll stay connected to the fastest local data networks in 150+ countries.

Does it cost a lot?

Not at all! Prepaid eSIM data starts at just a few bucks per GB, for seven days (up to 30 days) of coverage. There are different package sizes available, which means you can pick one that fits your budget. And since Uber is also an affordable way to travel, your budget will be doubly thankful. 

How to use Uber abroad with prepaid data?

Before we walk you through the specific steps, use our Device Checker Tool to confirm if your device is eSIM compatible. If it’s eSIM compatible, follow these next steps.

1. Download the aloSIM app, and pick your data

Download the aloSIM app, and create an account! Then, browse data in 150+ countries. aloSIM also has regional plans, for those traveling to several countries in one trip.

2. Install and Activate

Follow these instructions for installing your eSIM package on iOS devices, Samsung devices and Google Pixel devices. Before starting your install, make sure your internet connection is strong and won’t be interrupted so your eSIM installs completely. 

Wait to activate until you arrive at your destination, and until you once again have a strong internet connection. Once you’ve arrived, follow these instructions to activate your eSIM data package.

Airports don’t always have reliable internet, so we typically recommend activating after you’ve arrived at your accommodations, so you can do so without interruptions. 

3. Open Uber, or download the app (and build your profile)

Like most apps, Uber requires that you build a profile, connect your credit card (your payment is processed when you confirm your pick up). Just like locally in your home country, how to use Uber abroad also involves enabling your location services so the driver can locate your pick up spot. 

4. Power Uber with aloSIM data

With aloSIM data now powering all apps on your phone that use data, your Uber app will start working right away! Your location will be precise, and your driver will know exactly where to pick you up. 

To make your pick up even smoother, choose a spot where your driver can pull over quickly and safely to pick you up. Also consider using the app’s messaging feature to let your driver know exactly where you are, whether in front of or inside a building, for example. 

How to use Uber abroad and top up your data

If you ever need more data (even if it’s right before you need to call an Uber), you can top up in seconds. So even if you need to call an Uber, but then realize you’ve run out of data, remember you can top up easily and fast, and that you’ll be able to call one within seconds of buying more data. 

To check your balance, head to aloSIM and select “My eSIMs” to confirm how much data is remaining on your eSIM. To top up, select “Top Up eSIM” button at the bottom of your screen. Once you top up, your eSIM data will start flowing immediately. 

Pro tip: eSIMs never expire, so don’t delete yours! You can use it when you visit that country again, and skip the install. Simply top up ahead of your next trip.

The answer on how to use Uber abroad is to use it with prepaid eSIM data. Stay connected, and stay safe—your aloSIM data will ensure you can order that Uber anytime, and get you where you need to go (without breaking the bank).