How to get a free eSIM phone number


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


You can get a free eSIM phone number instantly by downloading the Hushed app and signing up for a free three-day trial. This will give you a private phone number for Canada or the United States, with unlimited calling and texting.

If you’re looking for a free eSIM phone number for an upcoming trip, so you don’t have to use your regular phone number, we highly recommend trying with this clever little workaround.

Since eSIMs don’t come with phone numbers, it takes a bit of creativity to get an eSIM phone number. But wait, first you might be wondering …

What are my options for eSIM calling?

When you’re traveling and using an eSIM for data, you have a couple of choices when it comes to calling and texting:

1. Use your regular phone number
(Convenient, but your carrier will probably charge long-distance fees)

2. Use a social media account
(Great for chatting and video calls, but only for existing contacts)

3. Use a free eSIM phone number
(A real, working local phone number for both calling and texting)

Why would I need a free eSIM phone number?

While many travellers choose to leave their regular phone number active during a trip (and understand they may be charged fees for individual long-distance calls and SMS texts), not everyone feels the need to stay reachable on their regular phone number while traveling.

If you get a free eSIM phone number for your vacation, that means you can turn off your primary SIM card (the little piece of plastic that contains your regular phone number) entirely, and you never have to pay a penny in long-distance calling or texting.

So if you don’t mind disabling your regular phone number while you’re traveling and using a temporary phone number instead, you can save a lot of money … and spent it on something fun instead!

How do I get a free eSIM phone number?

We’re glad you asked! It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an eSIM phone number, and you’ll get a FREE, private, fully-functional phone number that you can use for calling, texting, and voicemail.

1. Download the free Hushed app (via the App Store or Google Play)
Hushed is actually sister product of aloSIM, run by the same awesome team.

2. Select “Add Number” 

3. Tap “Get a Free Three-Day Number”
(Hushed’s free trial offer is available to new Hushed customers only.)

4. Choose a Canada or U.S. phone number in 300+ area codes

5. Tap “Claim” to secure your free eSIM phone number

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start using your brand-new phone number for calling and texting. You can even set up a custom voicemail greeting. Give the number to anyone who needs to reach you on vacation, and use your new phone number for fun vacation tasks like calling to book restaurant reservations, buying tickets for excursions, or ordering take-out to the pool.

How long can I keep the phone number?

Your free trial of Hushed lasts three days, making it perfect for calling and texting during a weekend getaway. You can cancel your free trial of Hushed anytime within the three-day period, through your iTunes or Google Play account, and then you won’t be charged anything.

If you decide you love your Hushed phone number and want to keep it longer than three days, just don’t cancel it and your paid subscription will begin. (Pssst! Having a secondary phone number also comes in handy for online dating, side hustles, vacation homes, privacy, and low-cost communication.)

We hope you enjoy this fun little hack for getting a free eSIM phone number so you can stay connected on your next trip.