Fitness tips for savvy travellers


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer


When your life or job keeps you traveling, staying fit and healthy can be a challenge. 

When you’re constantly on the go, it can be hard to find the motivation to work out — especially if entertaining friends or clients at fancy restaurants is part of your regular itinerary.

It’s easy to make excuses about why we aren’t taking care of our bodies on the road, but with a little forward thinking, we can stay on top of things and feel way better for it. 

Here are three tips to help keep your fitness game strong when you’re travelling …

Plan your meals and snacks

As a general rule, food on the go is terrible — and often leads us to make unhealthy choices. (Raise your hand if you’ve been ravenous and grabbed something quick between connections. #guiltyascharged) 

Packing a decent selection of snacks in your carry-on will help stop you grabbing greasy roadside pizza, or tucking into a fried breakfast at departures lounge bar. Healthy suggestions include granola or protein bars, nuts, dried fruits, jerky, and bags of kale chips/popped corn chips. 

Take a few minutes to check out (or ask the concierge) what restaurants are close to your hotel, or places where you could grab a smoothie instead of a (delicious) calorific breakfast at your hotel. 

If you are going to have to resort to chain restaurants, or really need to grab something at an airport outlet, consult sites like Eat This Not That to see the healthiest menu items at many North American chains. Easy swaps at places like Starbucks and other coffee shops can make a big difference. Pick yoghurt, cheese, or a fruit plate over a brownie or a muffin. Although it may not appeal at the time of purchase, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by making healthier choices.

Set yourself up to run

Runners have it easy when it comes to keeping fit because you can run anywhere — and if the weather is terrible, most hotels offer a treadmill in their gym. 

However, when packing light is important, heavy running shoes and workout gear are easy to leave behind. Invest in a pair of ultralight runners and lose the excuse. Some hotels lend out fitness gear — Westin Hotels and Resorts has been doing this for a decade — and many have running maps available to guests, or even have their own run club that you can join in with in the morning. 

Chat with the concierge to find out if there’s a route they recommend. And don’t forget a bag to pack away your sweaty running gear so that it doesn’t stink up the rest of your luggage.

Don’t rely on the hotel amenities

Some hotels have great gyms, and every so often you come across a pool where you can actually swim a few decent lengths. You may get a much better workout by planning in advance to hit a local climbing gym, pool, yoga studio or other fitness location. Ask the concierge, or hit up Google to find a fun local workout that you can join in with. 

Remember — not every vacation should be “vacation” from your usual good habits. The best way to stay fit on the road is to schedule time for self-care, hold yourself accountable, and try to maintain the healthy habits you follow at home. Stay strong, make fitness and healthy eating part of your travel plans, and reap the benefits. You’ve got this!