Five reasons to use eSIM for hostel travel


By Heather

Travel & Tech Writer

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We’ve all been there, and have stressed more than we’d care to admit over what to pack for an upcoming trip. Packing cubes and carry-ons in hand, we squeeze in as much as we can, often in the most creative of ways.

Being organized and planning carefully are essential when it comes to choosing (and packing) the right items for your trip. And for those of us staying in hostels, the stress can be worse than most, often limited to just one small backpack. 

But there’s something that even the most seasoned hostellers among us may have not yet considered (myself among them) until now: eSIM mobile data. And the best part of all? It’s totally digital, and installs before you take off

Here are five reasons why I recommend using eSIM for hostel travellers, and why it’ll quite possibly work for you on your upcoming hostel trip.  

Reason 1: Keeping up with fellow travellers

When you’re traveling, you’ll be having the time of your life. You’ll be seeing new places, and meeting tons of new people from all over the world. You’ll be meeting so many, so quickly, that you’re going to need a bit of help keeping up. This is why using eSIM for hostel traveling will come in handy—to help you stay connected with the people you meet on your trip. 

Whether it’s to meet up in a different city, or to stay in touch with new friends at other hostels, using an eSIM for hostel traveling will ensure you can do all those things.

Reason 2: Searching for directions while on the go

When you’re on the go, inspiration is bound to strike and surprises will pop up everywhere. You’ll be a little distracted as you navigate these spontaneous twists and turns. 

As these changes happen in real time, you may feel or get a little lost. But using your eSIM for hostel traveling will help keep you grounded. You can find directions on the fly, or even rent a car last minute to head out on a mini road trip, by using an eSIM for hostel travel. 

Reason 3: Managing your trip 

Those spontaneous changes can also mean that your accommodation bookings will change at the last minute. When you use an eSIM for hostel bookings, or to manage reservations and ticket info, you can double check or change bookings whenever you want. 

You can also set reminders for yourself, maybe using email or your calendar, to ensure you don’t forget key pieces of information. This will come in handy for any spontaneous trips or adventures you end up taking with your new friends. 

This is also a great way to check in on existing reservations, which can change without notice (think train and plane takeoff times, which are often delayed). Using your eSIM for hostel and other booking info check ups will save you every time, and keep you one step ahead. 

Reason 4: Using an eSIM for hostel review checks

Trust me when I say that not all hostels were created equal. I will be the first to admit I have stayed in many a regrettable hostel, and could have avoided them entirely by checking reviews ahead of time. Once you make that mistake once, you never will again. 

Using eSIM for hostel review browsing is key to knowing which hostels to stay at. It’s worth paying a few bucks extra for the nicer ones, too—staying in hostels is an amazing experience, so long as you’re at the right hostel. 

There’s nothing like a bad hostile to ruin a good trip, so use your eSIM for hostel research ahead of time to make sure each hostel is right for you.

Reason 5: Checking your personal affairs

Using an eSIM for hostel traveling is also great for staying in touch with home—friends and family, and your personal affairs. Just because you’ve left home for this trip of a lifetime does not mean you should leave your responsibilities behind you. 

Remember to check in on things like your bank account, credit cards, your home and your loved ones. You’ll enjoy your trip more when you can rest easy, knowing things at home are O.K.

And here’s my last token of wisdom on using eSIM for hostel traveling: when (not if) you lose your phone, you’ll be able to find it again. Your eSIM data mobile connection will power your Find My iPhone, or Android Device Manager app, and will help you find that lost phone. 

Check out aloSIM‘s eSIM mobile data plans now, and stay connected with your eSIM for hostel traveling (in any of aloSIM’s 150+ countries). You’ll thank me later! 

Happy hostel travels 🌍✈️💙